Valve Index user reviews



Oh Ok yes correct I must have read wrong on the website. I just looked again and they said controllers were compatible with OG Vive and Vive pro base stations. Thx for the clarification :beers::beers:


No worries. Yeah it gets a bit confusing trying to remember.
Everything works with v1 lighthouses.
Only v2 work with v2 lighthouses. Almost makes the v2 upgrade pointless unless you have a playspace more than 5m x 5m


It took Oculus (correction: not an year and a half) 8 months to release Touch. Time wise Pimax is still at DK2 stage. I assume when we signed up for the Kickstarter or even when we started using VR we all understood that we are early adopters and not customers in an established field. We are all beta testers - regardless of which headset we choose, because the companies are still innovating and experimenting. Some boldly, others more cautiously. I’m happy to boldly go where… :slight_smile: I haven’t been this excited to watch so much innovation and development happening since watching the web grow in the 90-ies.


mike from vr oasis , also said he was disappointed in the revive performance.

Looks like Voodoo has also debunked the 144hz Hype


this sounds great ive been struggling to find a pitool setting that will allow me to do that. what are your pitool settings.

do you leave it at 2 and set steamvr to auto?


can u link that reddit post?


no it took them 8 months


im less inclined to believe MRTV he seems to be a band wagon jumper.


yeah thats what I am also thinking…


Typically I use


  • Render: x1.0 - 1.25
  • FoV: Normal

SteamVR on Auto.

System W10
R7 2700x (Stock setting Auto Clock)
Corsair 3200hz DDR4
Zotac 1080 ti Mini Stock setting

Then typically use mainly IG settings & maybe per Ap SS overide in steam.


Oops, my bad!

I’m not quite sure about which link, but I guess you mean this one


Very good and informative video.
Only the conclusion was awkwardly forced. He said that the Knuckles can be used with the Pro, then purposefully didn’t mention that about the 5k and at the end said the Index is best because of the package and the controllers. so he chose the only headset that makes him sweat in 5 minutes and that he himself said he can not use for longer than 30 min at a time. Also during the video when comparing the blacks he showed a really strange light grey image claiming this is how the black looks on the 5k. I have the feeling that two of the Musketeers are trying to reposition themselves. Still, a very good and informative video.


@Virtualmisterl @Joeblackof

and to anyone who has the Valve Index:
how is the “3D effect” ?

because in my OG Vive and Pimax 5K+ everything around me up to a couple meters is nicely 3D, but everything further is almost “flat”.
After Pimax introduced software IPD adjustment and with just -0.5 adjustment, the 3D effect is much better.
(and I finally found out that all the time in Vive it was wrong and it needed this adjustment)

For example in Elite Dangerous everything in cockpit is 3D, but outside not so much, when entering the hyperspace, the tunnel is not 3D, but with the -0.5 software adjustment it is better.

Of course I have measured my IPD and it is set correctly to 60mm (software IPD adjustment is not available in SteamVR for Vive)

so how is the 3d effect in Index and can you adjust software IPD in steamvr for the index ?


I have exact the same feeling… and I think it has something to do with the 3rd joining the Pimax team :stuck_out_tongue:


I mentioned on his video that to a newcomer to his channel. Watching that review may seem biased because in the back ground he has one of every heasdset and like 6 pimaxes… lol


Hi. I have not tried Elite dangerous but The 3D effect in the games i have tried seems to work really well and I’m very happy with it. I will try elite later.


This is not something i really looked for but i would say the 3d effect felt absolutely fine to me.
Also i havent seen a software ipd setting in steam but again its not something i looked for.
I will try to pay more attention tonight.


He purposely didn’t mention it because Knuckles aren’t supported by Pimax. They are incompatible unless you fiddle around with it, and even then, YMMV.


Does “SteamVR=Auto” change it per automatically per game?


Now…that’s an accurate, and comparations rich Review !..