Valve Index user reviews



Interesting thru the lens capture, hope sweviver will do some, clarity is close to XTAL wondering why Pimax headsets seems so far apart on those capture of the index


It was compatible just a bug introduced into steamvr update has created glitches. So far only Cas & Chary has reported plug n play with no fiddling. Once new updates out should fix this. It is new hardware & updates are reported to have caused some issues to things like trackers.

After all articles in March praised pimax’s support of Knuckles. Didn’t you have one?


It’s a general global setting. All apps use this the per ap modifies this.


It sets it based on what seems to be Your graphics card and recommended target resolution.

This means it also changes it when You change quality setting and/or PP or refresh rate (restart of SteamVR needed).

One less setting to mess around with… :+1::wink:


Probably he did not supersample a lot with the Pimax…


Yeah my biggest issue i think is that
a. I was leaving PP on because

  1. Figured leaving on was guaranteed to work despite performance disadvantage
  2. Didnt want to have to mess with it for each game.
  3. Didnt realize that 60% of games dont need it. (Of course that means that 1/3 times playing a game id have problems)
    b. I noticed that my games crash, and more often than not its because the resolution ends up being too high. Ive frequently gotten out of memory errors on launch of most games.

If setting it to auto and leaving PiTool at 1 means less F-ing around, and should look good I will have to try it.

Anyone else notice that the per application setting sticks. Eg whatvwas happening to me was I would set steam vr to a number but it would crash then Inwould go into the per application and notice that the resolution was like 4 times the amount.


Not bad


So Steve the smartest man on VRRoundtable and Gary both weighed in on the index. The highlight which i linked below , are his thoughts on the controllers.
Basically :

  1. hey are better than the vive wands (No shi…t),
    but heres the best part.
  2. They still arent as good as the Touch .
    (Ive been saying this for a while but Its always met with butthurt anti-oculus fans.)
  3. Position of joystick and trackpad shoukd be reversed. Likely because valve refuses to admit that the trackpad is not as important as they think it is.


Haven’t noticed issues with per application SS. But yeah unfortunately it is best to turn off pp unless really needed. But really only main spot I find with tinkering. This is where in pitool a simple flag on game would be good in launcher for us to be able to tag a game with a visual que.


Well good news with Sword Sense is they are currently better placed. Just need a perspective timeline on release. I also think Thumbstick should have a capsense for old Wand games. On Razer Hydra you have to use a button with stick to emulate/activate trackpad emulation. Believe this was in part why oculus touch had Cap sense on touch joystick.

Oculus touch if the blue tooth was figured out might be able to hack a driver to spoof headset to a dongle & use Vive tracking puck. Or the more diyer… Hack slash backspace now. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


I havent tried the touch controllers but i can imagine button placement feels better.
My exact thoughts were the same. The controllers are let down by the pad & stick being the wrong way around.
I want to & will use the stick 95% of the time.
That means i have to get used to my thumbs constantly feeling less comfortable than they should be.
After that ive just noticed the left stick pressing issue. Ffs lol


A dev mentioned this long ago on earlier ev3? Version. Plus the track slot is more vertical swipe in design vs horizontal usuability.


Nope. I just got Knuckles a couple of days ago and they work with my 5K+ about as well as they work with my Odyssey+.


Looks not better than Pimax if you ask me…


Well there earlier articles stating they were working prior to the steamvr update early June. When it broke; this is where Cas & Chary have had some really good fortune not requiring any work arounds.

But the recent steamvr update has reported caused issues for Vive users on Trackers as well. So a few things require fixes on all sides it seems.

So while Vive wands work on the Odyssy Index Controllers having issues?


It’s difficult to judge if its better, the clarity and detail in the distance seems good.


I guess the difference is that Pimax never guaranteed that Knuckles would work with Odyssey+, they guaranteed that Knuckles would work with Pimax.


And they will again as they were working prior to steamvr update.

Cas & chary seem to be a unicorn; while others require a day 1 work around.

Valve’s new controllers are bound to have early issues requiring fixes. Hades there is already a hardware defect identified in some with Joystick press switch. See reddit link. Along with some software glitches.

Windows updates often break a variety of software when not intended to do so. Nvidia & Amd drivers often break games til patched. This is quite normal.

I could understand upset at this late stage if your vive wands were broken.


Good thing it’s such a simple fix. Bad thing that Pimax only releases software updates once every 2 months.


Well it should be out soonish by timeline & update. Good thing Index Controllers wasn’t released 4weeks ago eh?

129 May 5
132 May 31

According to Pitool downloads Topic about 1 a month on average. Not bad freq imho.