Valve Index user reviews



My mistake. I got their software updates mixed up with their support ticket updates.


Easy to do at times. Granted the support system is still being fletched out & will hopely over time be where it should be.

Pitool releases though, thanks for encouraging me to look at frequency because it is actually impressive. Though be better if they could do patch updates instead of waiting for full releases. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Normal but better :

valve Index : BETTER
Pimax 5K+ : FOV

The 8K-X route will be challenging… even if Sebastian has some tendencies to hyping the news most reviews are on part with this one…


144hz’s effect is likely to be pretty subjective.


TBF Vive trackers are broken in Steam etc also. Valve broke their own software too.

And the Index Controllers do work just fine if you apply the easy fix from another thread.


his full review

he confirmed it the vaseline glare effect . Steve mentioned from VR Round table


I have a more permanent solution in mind as soon as I can get my hands on the Index HMD.


which is why its baffling that you would place that under your thumb instead of off to the side


speak of the devil. I literally just read your comment and A notification popped up from my email telling me that a new Pitool is available 0.144 WOOHOO!!


Grrr now have to download it. Just keep in mind won’t be able to comment on any controller/LH improvements. :partying_face:


Well…to be honest, the voodooDE video of PC2 through the lens video makes apparent that the Index FOV is significantly better than any other headset (except Pimax of course), and MRTV measured it as bigger, yeah…it’s not much but if you compare other headsets, that in reality most of them barely go over 100 degrees real FOV, if not less, with the best being the Odyssey+ going very close to 110 (I measured 108 in FOV ROV Test, on my Od+ with VRCover thin foam and IPD hack)…then Index is the clear winner.

So…Gamersmuscle was NOT right :slight_smile:


well , when about contollers and LH, i do not think you can compare pimax and oculus at the really stage. Oculus and Vive had to invent the technology, Pimax is just buying as third party accessoriy, so there is a big difference. It does not mean there is no work to do from Pimax, but most hardware is existing and coming with API.
And since PIMAX is going through SteamVR , they are not even managing it, so the code to write is minimal. The proof being you can buy any LH and constroller and they work with Pimax straight out of the box.
So if you can buy a set of LH and controller at street corner, i do not really see why Pimax would not be able to deliver one.


Steve of the VR table did a graphic of all 3 headsets were the 2D form of the FOV is showed/ at about 3/4 of the video. First time it’s show like this in relation with vertical FOV

The problem of the Pimax FOV is simple with the current screen utilization you will see SDE even with 4K panels… for the 8K-X Pimax have to optimize FOV and screen utilization to achieve almost zero SDE.


The questions are ergonomic and quality…must really better than the current Pimax case for the headset.


For my review many of you might need the google translator :wink:
After the first weekend with the index, here’s my little report:


I wouldnt downplay the work involved in making those super wide lenses and the distortions to make it work.

Steam Vr doesn’t support ultra wide fov , if they did we wouldn’t need pitool


the part about insight out tracking is not correct, the lighthouse system is also insight out tracking, instead of cam’s you have the sensors on the hmd that receives a signal from the outside, with the cam’s you use light reflected from walls and furniture (does not work in the dark) and with lighthouse you use a generated light (ir) siganal
the old oculus constellation system is the other way around, cam’s on the oudside that track ir dots on the headset


I was thinking the opposite, in the through the lense i dont think hes showing the full eye view at all. So i cant confirm how much more cockpit you are seeing.


Classically, the WMR system (and that of the Rift S) is called Inside-Out. I have never ever read anywhere that the Lighthouse ist titled Inside-Out as well. So I think everyone knows what I mean with Lighthouse and what with Inside-Out :wink:


Of course it is because that view only show one single eye lens, and when looking at both with the eye overlap the view is bigger…anyway it’s easy to catch the difference if you have used many headsets, and at least to me, it’s quite evident…

The talk by VR Roundtable posted by @Frc says the same thing, and shows an approximate degrees graph in both horizontal and vertical…look from the 1:11:xx in the video, Index has bigger FOV in both hor. and vert. compared to the Rift S and close to Pimax small FOV setting, with about the same vert. FOV.