Valve Index user reviews



Yes was surprise too because most of the time we talk of WMR headsets but it’s incorrect. He’s right Valve tracking is a markered inside out tracking


you review is good, its just a small detail (the comparsions with other headset are nice and might help people who have tried this headsets to judge the differences)

in the case of inside out tracking the problem is not the concept, its the specific implementation of the two camera system and that the controllers are outside in tracked (the controller has no sensors, just ir markers that get tracked by the cam’s on the headset), the most problems and complains come from the controllers (occlusion, not tracked behind your head/back)
if you would pack the same inside out cam tech from the headset in every controller you would get a much better result but that would be to big, power hungy and expansive
the wmr, rift s, quest and cosmos are kind of hybrid when it comes to tracking of headset and controller, the htc vive (pro) and index are not hybrid, the controller are tracked in the same way as the headset (pimax has no controllers yet so wen can’t count it)


I got my Index controllers today (reserved 28’th, ordered 29’th, received 3’th), been playing around with them most of the evening. I had no issues at all getting them working with my 8k. Using the new Pitool beta and I think steamVR beta.

The right controller was picked up immediately by pitool while the left needed manual pairing (system button + b) and was then picked up instantly.

It’s been fun playing around with them although I don’t have a lot of games where they’re actually useful. I installed VRChat but I’m having trouble making it work with hand gestures.

Anyways for me, so far, a smoothish experience.


heres a really interesting review from a user. (EDIT)Actually the whole thread is interesting. Im actually re-evaluating my life based on it…lol

it seems to confirm that the index gets super hot , but i never realized that the heat could produce fogging.


Does it produce cracking?


Might be too soon to tell. Real thing can this heat be used as an easy bake oven? Will it reduce heating costs in the Winter? Lol


It might accelerate the climate change. :palm_tree:


Well it’s cold up here might be good save for flooding. :joy:


Not sure but every review posted in this thread so far,
MRTV, VR Oasis, VR Round Table, GamerMuscle all mention the heat as something to “keep an eye on”


If there was a way to use the touch controllers with the pimax , this conversation would be over . lol.


Possibly. I’ve never tried the oculus touch controllers but I’ve been plenty jelling over them as a vive wand user.


Like a hat on your head, heat of the headset will make your face perspire results in more humidity locally consequently fog…

Only 2 sources of water normally close the headset the air and you :sunglasses:


Caveat: I have not used this tool and am not a VR coder myself.

But this said: Isn’t this application just using the normal rendering pipeline and lens distortion profile of SteamVR?

This would mean, that you don’t actually test the physical field of view of the lens-display configuration, but just what the manufacturer set in the headset specific render profile. (Sorry, I am not an expert and therefore don’t know the termini technici, but the idea should still be right.)

From a philosophical standpoint this is highly interesting, as VR is such a new medium, that people easily fall for wrong measures of truth.
This is always a huge and wide-spread issue, since it leads to sciolism (in German: “half-knowledge”). Ironically this term in our times falls victim to its own notion, since most people only superficially understand what half-knowledge means. It means to only know superficially something, without actually understanding it fully, but, and this is the crucial part, assuming that they actually know the object.
(Superficial knowledge in itself is not problematic, if there is an awareness of the lack of full understanding.)

PS: They would have to calibrate the field of view, by comparing it with the real world, for example turning the headset by 90°.


Valve really should have had their Half-Life VR game ready at launch.
It looks like a lot of people can’t justify the price. A first party game tailor made for the new controllers would help a lot of people make the decision.


French review, with it’s own toolset (starts at 5:05) plus using some games :

110° of horizontal FOV / 99° of vertical FOV (compared to 100°/90° for Vive)
Can attain 114° of horizontal FOV by tightening the headset really hard, but it’s too uncomfortable to keep it that way.

Confort : 5/5
FOV : 3/5
Distorsion : 4/5
Lense Glare : 4/5
Contrast : 3/5
Color : 3/5
Crispiness : 4/5
Audio : 5/5


at the end it’s the user result we compare, if the manufacturer don’t use the full potential of the hardware it’s then a software limitation but never the less a FOV limitation that the user can’t bypass by themselves without hacking.

more relevant to ROV test efficiency would be the variance between the user themselves because of morphological differences or incorrect usage of the application


For non native french speakers


  • Best SDE seen today maybe some diffusion tech, slightly better then the 5K+
  • 120hz makes a difference for fast action games but 144hz too demanding on a GTX1080
  • Clarity better then 8K but slightly less then 5K+
  • Color and contrast better then most but not OLED
  • H. FOV size been the major weakness, still better than all other headsets except the Pimax and other $$$ Headset
  • Glare not so much a problem for him
  • Hand controller : excellent tracking, may be problematic for people with out of norm hands


Interestingly over at r/skyrimvr the most active guide & modlist creator is so unhappy with his Valve Index that he has sold it already and is taking a break from VR.


VR is extremely individual, with some hard facts non-negotiable :wink:


It’s why it’s so difficult to make a large FOV headset that will please the mass. Every problem is amplified…