Vertical white Line in left lense and no Mouse Cursor in Steam



i bought an Pimax 4k and install all fine. (Windows 10/ AMD 1800x, 32GB, 1080ti …latest Driver)
But in left lense their was from Beginning a big vertical White line (like a “light-line”) i think it is a Hardware issue!?

Rest of what i can see, was good, but the line is so bad and makes the Illusion gone.

Than in Steam VR, i could not use my mouse! As well like the Steam Media Theater! Just one Time in
the Beginning, i could use it for a few Minutes, than is was gone… So i could not Navigate!

So i think, i have to send it back ( but i like the Resolution, so i hope i can fix it))

Sorry, i am German, my English is not so good
Could anybody help me?

Kind regards



Hallo Stefan!

Scheint mir ein Defekt des linken Shutter-Glases zu sein. Schau mal im Support-Forum, da hatte jemand das selbe Problem und hat Bilder davon gepostet. Soweit ich weiß, musst du deinen 4K zur Reparatur einschicken (oder zurückschicken bei Onlinekauf)


Hi Stefan,

Seems like an issue with the left shutter glass. Look for a similar topic in the support forum where someone had the same issue and postet pictures. Afaik you have to send it in for repair or reverse the purchase.



Sorry to hear. Are you able to snap a pic of the issue?


Hallo Werner,
danke dir, ich denke auch, dass es ein Hardwaredefekt ist. Das selbe Problem hatte auch jemand, das Bild sah gleich aus .
Danke für die Antwort.
Schaun mer mal ;=)


Hello Heliosurge,
thanks for answering, i try to Keep a Picture here…


thanks for Interrest,
the Vertical Line is big, or?

but what about the dont work Mouse Cursor?
It dont work in Steam VR!

Thanks Guys, who else could help…


SteamVR can be a nuisance. Haven’t really used a mouse. Game controller generally works best.

I use Steamcontroller & logitech 710. But just about any game controller should work.

Xbox 360/1 & compatible
& of course Motion VR controllers (Razer/Vive Wands/ psmove… With effort)


Hi @SVR, please contact your seller directly and tell he(she) that Pimax Support Team has confirmed that it is a hardware problem. Please be advised.


Hi @Pimax-Support,

Thought that i should suggest. this maybe a warning flag… this is the 3rd instance of the large while line and always in the left lens in as many weeks? you may want to check the vendor that these 3 units that have been reported on these forums recently are not from the same batch or from the same vendor? just in case they are all from the same series?



Hi Eno, Thanks for your suggestion. We will pay attention to this problem and improve our product continuously.Thanks.