Very poor image quality despite "4K"


Please note, I have made further comment below, so please read that as well.

I am very disappointed with the quality of the image in the PIMAX 4k headset. I had previously used an Oculus Rift DK2 and despite the much lower resolution, the image was of significantly better quality. I am using an RX-480, a Sandybridge Xeon 2670, 32 gig of ram and an SSD, so the system is up to snuff.
I have tried adjusting the IPD from 52 mm to 74 mm, if the green cross is in focus I feel cross-eyed at my measured IPD there are two distinct green crosses. I have perfect vision, checked within the last two months and do not require any corrective lenses. Despite any changes I try, I cannot get the image to be sharp. Looking through the center of the lens, I can barely read the “close text” and any rendering at distance is blurred and illegible. Absolutely horrid. When closing one eye to eliminate dioptic effects, the result is the same. I don’t believe for one second that this headset has been assembled correctly, or with quality parts(see below). After three days of fudging around I am sick of wasting my time and want to actually play the games that I bought the VR headset to make better.
What an utter disappointment.


What is your ipd? If its wide it might be outside tge sweet spot; the same is true if you have a really narrow ipd. The headset componets are decent quality.

I haven’t explored trying an idea as of yet since my ipd seems reasonably within the lenses ipd sweet spot.

You would need regular glasses (no prescription required)

This film might work to increase or decrease ipd by redirecting your sight. (Maybe)


The IPD I found is wrong as well. My IPD is actually 61 but for me to be able to see any text I need to set it to 52.5…does it make me feel cross eye. Hell Yea! But I can read instruments when gaming, after a while my brain compensates, until I take them off… Then I need to compensate for normal view again!

I suspect that the headsets have been designed for the Asian market and our western heads are larger and the lens are too close together for a normal IPD setup.

Hopefully the 8k when it’s released will have catered for that with adjustable spacing for the eyes.



Rhe 5k/8k should be fine in that respect as having mechanical & soft ipd adjustment.


@ Heliosurge Yeah , I was thinking in bed last night about it. It isn’t fair to say that it has low quality components. The speakers are more than adequate, the assembly is tight and doesn’t creak. Head tracking is very good. The band and eye foam is suitably dense so that other than my nose, the set is pretty comfortable.The tactiles of the headset surface are good. The problem as far as I can tell is the lenses. Scanning across my lenses, they seem to focus moderately well in the center, but there is a blurred halo effect in about a 15 degree or so radius off center axis. The quality isn’t the problem as I have a $9.00 plastic vr cell phone holder that is sharp as needed despite only a 1920 x 1080 screen. Those lenses are garbage, but they do allow adjustment for width and individual focal distance. The digital IPD is not the way to go, you are tricking the eye into seeing alignment that isn’t there. I play Project Cars and the instruments are fuzzy but legible, the hood of the car is just a blurred mass and no signs are legible beyond about 2-3 car lengths. Trying to play Eurotruck simulator and Warthunder I had to give up because I could nothing was in focus at important distances in the game world.
Furthermore, the headset seems a bit off. To get to the point where I can read text in the IPD adjustment screen I need to have the headset lifted at the base. The entire pressure of the set is on my brow ridge and the bridge of my nose which is horridly uncomfortable. Also, there is a considerable gap at the sides of the device that allows room light to reflect off the lenses which is fatiguing. I wish I could have tried the setup before purchase as I would have instead invested in two more LCD panels. I am disappointed though. I can see the promise of VR, if it wasn’t blurry it would be awesome.


An update based on a little further work with the headset to get a sharper image.

  1. If I close one eye and lift that side of the headset, the image gets clear for the other eye. i.e. lifting the left side of the headset when only my right eye is open makes a much larger portion of the viewable area in focus. Same for the opposite.
  2. When I really crank the left and right strap tight the image improves, not sure if this is because the eyepieces flex or something else.
  3. The only way that I can read text clearly is to set the IPD to 51.9, at which point I feel more cross-eyed than the girl I try to hit on at the bar.
  4. Lifting the goggles slightly at the base helps with the clarity of the lower portion of the image.
  5. Make sure I can blink. The pad can tension my eyelids so that when I blink I don’t get my eyes completely closed. This dries my eyes and allows my natural eye lubricant to kinda get a little gooey. I lift the goggles and shut my eyes hard to be sure that a normal blink will allow my eyelids to meet.
    Still, this isn’t optimal is it. . .


Cranking thr strap tight brings your eye closer to the lenses. Definitely not for majority of users (voids warranty & risky if your not comfortable) @lukeb used 2mm thick spacers to improve focus on the lens holders. But this iscan invasive mod.