Video mode for PImax 8k?


What details are available, if any? What will it look like? Will it have a wider FOV like Pimax mode?


What are you talking about !!!


What are you talking about??


What are you talking about ?!


Mɥɐʇ ɐɹǝ ʎon ʇɐlʞᴉuƃ ɐqonʇ¿¡


If you are talking about viewing 2D videos on the Pimax 8k, there is no “mode”, you run an app that creates a virtual theater; Big Screen is a SteamVR app commonly used for that, or Virtual Desktop and just playing a movie in your player of choice. In either case, it would be the same as normal Steam VR apps - they should just (in theory) support the wider FOV out of the box.

Personally, I don’t want extra FOV for a virtual theater screen, because that means there are parts of the screen you can’t see clearly - it’d be like sitting in the front row at the theater. However, if the app actually placed you in a virtual theater with seats and stuff, that would be good for wide FOV to immerse you in the theater experience. Though I’m not sure if I would like that instead of just a screen hanging in blackness, for no distractions from the movie itself.


Arre you guys for real? Does no one here have experience with the 4K?? VIDEO MODE/EXTENDED MODE is where the headset is used as an extended monitor, an extension of the desktop in which you can view SBS content


No, few people here have the Pimax 4k, and Pimax has never announced, mentioned, or shown off any mode like you describe on the 8k. They’ve only shown games (and Big Screen) running off of Steam VR.


Of course Pimax 8K would support Video mode; as extended monitor. I play with injectors (VORPX, Tridef, Reshade) with my Pimax 4K.
It should be no problem, you would have to manage 8K with the custom resolutions… I think :sweat_smile:


From what ive been told, if you are watching 180 degree videos, you will have a good chance of seeing the black bars on the sides and probably up and down too even without moving your head,


Would probably be good to get an official correspondence from a developer…


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Can we get official confirmation of this, and ignore all of the morons in here


Why don’t you go ask Linus…

[quote=“The_Brentmeister, post:73, topic:4271”]Wrong, he knows what he’s talking about


Yeah, and i’ll tell him that douche from the Pimax forums sent me, he’ll probably know who i’m talking about straight up


And what exactly is the advantage of “video mode” compared to every video player out there like deo or steamvr mediaplayer? This makes no sense to me…


Why don’t you simply send an email to the Pimax support ? I really don’t understand why.
Instead of asking morons like us, you should go directly to official emails, send PM to official guys here in the forum or whatever anything else but opening a public topic only to make us all morons.


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Closing topic as this is not relevant as there is no video mode in the 8k software as confirmed by @SweViver