Vive 2.0 controller not tracked



Do you have a v1.0 lighthouse or friend that can assist with testing wand?


I do not, the only thing I can maybe do is go to the Microsoft store in Minneapolis.


You can next day one from amazon for $134.


Grab try & return. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


I don’t see how getting a 1.0 controller would do anything since the valve base stations are 2.0 only. I have to head to bed, and I’ll keep it plugged in to fully charge( it was on factory charge).


I believe he means a v1.0 LH to test controller as a v1.0 controller would not work with your V2.0 LH.


I’ll keep that as an option, I get nervous with returns. I’m already nervous ( and annoyed) after spending $230 lol


I can imagine it’s rudiculous how muchbmore they want though for tracking sensor upgrade $80 to $100 more. Same with so much for Valv3 saying LH v2.0 was cheaper to manufacture as there selling them at the same increase over v1.0.


I saw this just now

I dont know if I should try this.


Ive decided to try again tomorrow after it has fully charged. If no luck, then I’ll call to my local Microsoft store to see my options. Worst case scenario, i return them and maybe get a replacement, or i return them and get something else.


Hey @mrchittychad. This sounds odd.
I see you referred to my Twitter post, but that was only about my 1.0 Vive controllers getting “loose” cables inside and I had to open them up, reconnect the cables and theysuddenly started to track. Im not sure if thats your problem though, as you are using a completely new controller, I assume? But if its an old (or second hand) controller, this COULD be the issue.

Edit: Nevermind hehe…


Its brand new, just got it yesterday. Should be fully charged now, but I can’t try again until tonight.


Just tried it again, still no luck.


Would i need viveport and/or bluetooth?


Nope those didnt work. Now i have to talk to india


so I didn’t know vive isn’t Microsoft… no help from them, trying live support on vive website. I hope I can get my money back.


Ok so i got a hold of vive and he told me all about the return policy, including a return and replace. Feeling a heck of a lot better now that its going “somewhere”

Just curious, what are my other options for controllers that are currently out? I’m not sure I can wait for valve or pimax lol


Atm not too much in terms of using Light houses.

Htc Tracking puck.

Otherwise using programs like Driver4VR with psmove/kinect/ leapmotion v1

Or buying a NoloVR or finding an old Razer Hydra