Vive Base station placement questions?



Just curious if placement matters with two base stations… and do you need the cord connecting the two as with the vive?

I was going to place one in the upper left corner of my space and another in the rear corner (basically near front left speaker and rear right speaker, right next to my rift sensors).

Thanks in advance


If your using v1.0 LHes than has same conditions on LH was vive.


I think placement does matter for room scale coverage - I placed the sensors in opposite corners of the room. Haven’t use the cord connecting the two for the Vive or Pimax - now wandering if I should?


As long as the LH can see each other you do not need a cable, if they are out of range of each other or some thing block line of sight of the LH then you will need a cable.



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Those tips are not sufficient!
I never needed the cable. As a rule of thumb, make sure that the LH face each other(NOT LIKE RIFT), not (much) more than 5m away (guess you’ll need the cable if it’s more, 5,7m still work in my case without). IF you don’t manage to mount them way above your head (due to lack of stands), tilt one slightly up and the other down.
I highly recommend stands or wall mounts. You’ll get more out of it, just know that the rift sensors work differently!