Vive DAS Adapter CAD



Does anyone happen to have a CAD file for the Vive DAS adapter side clips? I want to experiment with shifting the connection point higher. My goal is to angle the rear of the DAS in to hopefully cup the back of my head a little better. If anyone has one they’d be willing to share it would save some time. Otherwise I can work off the STL file and measure the dimensions that way.


@Dr.Cube made this version:

And @g-coded made this version:

They’re probably the ones to ask… :slight_smile:


I used FreeCAD, and the design is not parametric(exported DXF files from another software). This is my current workflow as I learn more Fusion360(hard to learn an alternate method when I can do it 10x faster “my way”:laughing:) .


I created the models in 3dsMax, If you want I can send you the max file.


that would be awesome if you wouldn’t mind! i basically just need the two pieces that make the side clip since that’s the only part that i plan on messing with.

thanks for the help everyone!


Maybe you would be more interested in this design?

You can also check here for more mods, under the “Pimax 8K/5K mods” section.


Thank you for the recommendations. I am currently using the @Dr.Cube adapter and it works really well. I just want to see if I can tilt the DAS in a way that the lower strap cups the base of my head a little more. to do this, I want to move the attachment point of the DAS up a little higher. Also, I think this might tighten the strap slightly which will also be beneficial. To do this I want to modify the side pieces to move the attachment point up by maybe somewhere in the range of 10mm - 15mm.

And then eventually I’ll fix the heater on my print bed so that I can use better plastic.


A bit of a delayed response (whoops :man_shrugging:):

In my first recommendation the attachment point is higher (a lot more than 10-15mm), so the DAS can probably be tilted like you wanted. @Yen can confirm if that is the case.

Also, I just noticed his version is potentially a better version of the new Comfort facepad. It has a gap in it that would increase airflow but also reduces the foam contact area (increases pressure on forehead) and is more likely to break.