Vive Lighthouse Standby


Can someone shed some light into the Bluetooth Standby of the Vive Lighthouses?

Got the 5k+ with two Lighthouses. They always stay on.

I connected the Vive Breakout Box and SteamVR recognizes them but Bluetooth functionality is not available so the stations wont go into standby.

Is it even possible to get this working or do I have to unplug the Lighthouses after each session?


Did you go to steam vr settings and enabled it?


not possible, bluetooth settings are not available in steamvr (red crossed). thats the issue.


@EarlyBackers might know.

But atm if your not using vive link box. Think you need to manually power/unplug to turn off.


Oh thought you had the vive link box.


Yes I do indeed have the Vive link box connected and it is recognized in Steam VR but the Bluetooth menu is not available and so is the standby function of it.