Vive Pro 880€ HMD only.... (double facepalm) Fat chance...!


Release date is April 5th apparently.

Lost all interest… I might as well buy a Samsung Odissey while my 8k arrives…

Good Luck HTC you screwed up big time!..


HTC can really fk off this time, literally can fk off. With this insane price this is the beggining of the end for their entire shit company.

While Pimax is around the corner and even LG upcomming headset, htc will be forgotten. When Pimax will get out for consumers and if rumors about higher resolution displays, 120hz and foveated rendering are true for LG Headset, HTC is really screwed.

Good job, HTC for screwing the vr community. While others really try to lower prices for these headsets so that anyone can afford one and grow as community, you come out of nowhere with the damn PRO and ask for 799$, you can’t be serious. HTC please fk off.


Truth i expected this. Now does that price include lighthouses & controllers or have they started a bad nose candy habbit. :beers::joy::-1::sparkles:


Nope, HMD upgrade only!!! How hilarious is that! This is the Vive-Pro(ctologist) edition… and I will refrain from going into details…


HMD only… I guess they’re only targeting the super rich and arcades. Not going to get many sales at that price.


Even the super rich don’t like being ripped off… one thing is you can afford it and another to be willing to be laughed at with such an outrageous totally unjustified price…


Lol so price it around the same ascthe Odyssy with no peripherals. Not smart at alll. :beers::dizzy_face::+1::sparkles:


While I understand the frustration, Vive Pro HMD still comes out (to me) as the best substitution, if Pimax does note deliver. The reasons are:

  • It is not worthy to buy original Vive or CV1 now,
  • Windows MR headsets have fixed IPD (except form Samsung), which is not acceptable for me
  • Samsung Odyssey is not fit to accommodate the glasses
  • Mobile VR headsets are not my cup of tea.
    So Vive Pro is actually the only choice. Now, am I ready to pay that much for it? I do not know, it will depend on how desperate I will be once I got my Pimax :slight_smile:


Well the Razer phone might be interesting with its qhd at 120hz. Wouldn’t surprise me if Razer launches a special vr headset for their phone.


HMD only for $800? :fearful:
So that is what they mean by Prosumer lol.
Great news for Pimax though!


Vive get’s a lot of good press because of a quality for gen headset but something often ignored is customer service. Something Pimax will need to keep control of through massive growth


Well, don’t count on customer service with HTC ! I’ve got a Vive catching dust over here because HTC dismissed all requests to have a look at the Vive (and not only LH stations) to fix the issue. I gave up after having written 35 (!!) emails to several people in their support team tasked to deal with me (a/k/a getting rid off the customer complaint w/o incurring cost). I bought it with the first pre-order, so God knows where I would have had to file a law suit - I decided to let it go but I certainly have a very good idea of what to expect from HTC if their so-called premium product fails.

Looking at the price reveal, I will not need to worry that if Pimax fail I could find myself in history repeating - will either get the Samsung Odyssey or hold out for any other next gen HMD…


The high-price-htc ist really a great chance for Pimax! - Go on and release your 5k/8k VR in a good quality (!!!) and as soon as possible :wink:


Pimax is in a great position to capture gamer market share if they have a successful release now.


This is sad, but true


A Samsung Odyssey goes for 499$ in the US (406€ at today’s rate), I will spend a couple weeks in may in the US and will bring one back to Madrid with me… worst case scenario I will sell it for as much as I paid (very sought after currently) when the Pimax 8k arrives… after all I only want it for Simracing and tracking your head to look front should not require tracking as sublime as Steam Vr provides…


From looking at the comments from everywhere, people are starting to show alot more hope towards Pimax.


That’s awesome as I recall in Canada a while back iwas around $1000 (think one of the early reviews) of which makes another nail in the Vive Pro’s coffin. Lol


More like the super stupid ,they cant even bump the fov ,who cares about the fucking extra camra


I just joined the forum today because of this. Pimax, I was not a backer but I’m ready to send you my money the minute I can!