Vive Pro 880€ HMD only.... (double facepalm) Fat chance...!


I think you’re right. I still had hopes for Kopin Elf VR, but as I understand it, that’s just a proof of concept model and Kopin will not release a HMD themselves. Either way, I also doubt this is going to be much of a gaming device, with the 100 degrees FoV and who knows what controllers, it’s probably far from the perfect HMD either. So yeah the Vive Pro probably will be the best HMD for 2018.


Really the valve 2.0 stuff is shipping that early? Make sure to upload some lense swap tips

The thing about pimax is their not just delaying the headset. Its all the low risk stuff too. Why is the headstrap not ready? Thats the most simple component. Why dont they have the 2.0 stations in stock already? HTC has them. Controler was expecter to ship this month now we wont even see a proyotype untill the end end of the year


As one mentioned. Not a mega corp. Being a small team they have to focus on items due to priorities.


Amazon already shipped mine! Not sure why they’re saying 3-5 weeks on their website, they ship within 24 hours the package including v2 trackers.


Look 4ward to your review. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Sure, will take 2 weeks though to arrive, since i’m in the carribean and using a freight forwarder. Earliest arrival would be 11 May. But yeah, surely will let you guys know what I think and how it compares to the Pimax 4k.


If the Vive Pro compares to the Pimax 4K’s Piplay 1.1.92’s driver, my hand will be forced…


Remember to use plenty of caulk around those lenses


The interesting thing is that the Vive Pro actually has a higher native resolution than Pimax 4k. Yet SDE is most likely more apparent. As long as the SDE isnt too disturbing (like I found in gen 1) then I think it will be a great HMD for the next year. We’ll see.


Well keep in mind you have a preview with your e3.

While the res is slightly higer than the e3 by. 320*160 it is still pentile. So the 4k panel even in sub res has considerably more. So yes sde is likely to be more pronounced.


Well, we’re talking about 3.7M pixels for the E3 and 4.6M pixels for the Vive Pro so that’s 25% more pixels. Apart from that the E3 uses a single simple mobile display panel while the Vive Pro uses 2 custom panels, so I’m sure the amount of used pixels is (much) higher for the Vive Pro, maybe effectively around 40% more.

Regarding the Pimax 4k, it has a higher resolution panel but pixel usage is WAY lower. So I expect the Vive pro SDE to be somewhere in between the E3 and the Pimax 4k, being closer to the Pimax 4k. I hope it’s not going to irritate me but I think it wont. Of course much depends on the pixel layout, like you said, but we’ll see.

I never really used the E3, the ergonomics are HORRIBLE (it’s really a torture device for your head) and the SDE was just a bit too pronounced.


I need an info:
Is Vive Pro using hdmi like Vive or is using Display port like Pimax 8K ?


Seems displayport only

“The Vive Pro’s Link Box has also done away with HDMI, instead only offering DisplayPort as the only video connection option”


Can confirm, DP only.


Thank you very much.


Are you doing the gear lens mod , This mod has transformed my vive1 and as it seems that pimax will be quite a while sorting out the 5k/8k I think I will probably go for a Vive pro with the lens mod , At least I will be upto date for a while


Yes I would do this also if money were less of an issue.


Is the lensmod really that good?


Yes , but I suspect the difference/improvement between a vive and gear-modded vive will appear far better / greater than the difference between a modded vive and unmodded vive pro but best of all would be the vive pro with better lens ( drastic measures and bang goes the warranty )


I probably will, but after some thinking about it, I first want to try it a few weeks with the original lenses. I also wonder where to buy the lens adaptors since I don’t have a 3d printer. Or I might just buy a 3d printer as well, I’ll see.