Vive Pro 880€ HMD only.... (double facepalm) Fat chance...!


We have 5 printers at work. If I can convince the operator to make a pair I coud send you some. Will ask tomorrow


Order it here.


paint them black before you use them , I had some printed in a translucent material and ended up taking them out again to paint them


Thanks mate. After your post I went to check on Ebay and stumbled on a set of lenses (2017) + adapter for $47 and since I don’t even have a gearVR I bought them right away. I guess I’ll first try the Pro with the original lenses for about 2 weeks and then try the GearVR lenses.


Let us know how it goes. :+1:



Two weeks ago I uninstall the original fresnel leses from my Vive Pro and put in the GearVR lenses.
I never change to the silly fresnel lenses again.
The differences are really amazing. The missing godray and greater sweet spot is magnificent!
You only have to take care about dust during the changing prozess.


Has any distortion or smaller fov?


There ist a litte distortion, even after the update of the lighthouse boxes. But it ist really tiny and during gaming I do not recognize this.
The FOV isn´t noticeable smaller.


I wait to see the surprise on 25 May

HTC Announces 2018 Vive Ecosystem Conference, Promises ‘Many Surprises’


In the HTC developers forum it is rumored that the Vive 2 will come in the end of 2018.
They say, that the Vive 2 have got 4k & eyetracking.
Maybe this is the “great news” they will broadcast :wink:

…and I hope this VR will not have fresnel lenses :joy:


Probably their 4k will cost 4k :slight_smile: and if FOV is still around 110
than triple facepalm !


So I’ve just received my Vive Pro including the 2.0 trackers! I’ve only just tested it 5 minutes LOL. When I got my Deepoon E3 I knew within seconds that I wouldn’t be using that damn thing, not only because of the horrible ergonomics but because the 1440p display just s*cked. Basically it looked the same as an android 1440p with GearVR, which makes sense I guess :slight_smile: But the Vive Pro is MUCH better in terms of SDE. It actually comes quite close to the Pimax 4k, I’d say if you’d take an android 1440p phone as base (0%) and the Pimax 4k as 100%, then it’s probably like 75%. The SDE is still visible but it doesn’t disturb me at all, and I really hate SDE!

So, first impression, love it! But things might change after some more in depth testing for sure … :slight_smile: Oh, also first impression, it’s indeed heavier than the Pimax 4k, I’m not sure how much that will bother me …

EDIT Another downside compared to the Pimax 4k is that it’s much more sweatier! I never really sweated with the Pimax 4k, after using the Vive pro now for a bit I’ve started to sweat already. Also the godray’s are indeed a downside, I think I’ll really start to hate those and will switch the lenses with GearVR lenses. We’ll see …

EDIT2 So after testing it a bit more, the SDE actually probably is more like at 50% between an 1440p GearVR and the Pimax 4k. Especially when you look at objects a bit further away there is quite a noticeable difference with the Pimax 4k. Also the godray’s are growing on me already, in a negative way, can’t wait to try the GearVR lenses. I really need to test this some more …


With mentioning GearVR at 1440p. We know the phone uses an amoled 1440p pentile display. Have you tried a 1440p phone with an lcd? I know VRkommando liked the LG G4 for mobileVR (i think even with pc) until of course it had the infamous hardware bootloop.

But awesome review.


Have you tried supersampling the hell out of it?


Yes, actually during gameplay the SDE doesn’t bother me at all, but it is there. After a few hours of messing around with the HMD the biggest disadvantage currently seems to be that this thing is making me sweat. The Pimax 4k never felt sweaty at all. Also the weight of the HMD is somewhat a downside, I understand Linus when he said he didnt want the HMD because of the weight. It’s not that it’s extremely heavy but it’s heavier than you’d like.

Comparing to the Pimax 4k, it’s actually VERY easy. If someone just wants to watch porn (and I know that’s all some ppl do with VR), then forget about the Vive Pro. The Pimax 4k really has a better image. BUT if you’re into games, man, then it’s also extremely easy, forget about the Pimax 4k! The Vive Pro is really awesome! The controllers are really responsive and steady. The 90 hz refresh rate makes everything move really smoothly and while the (slight) SDE and the godray’s are somewhat of a downside, the general picture quality is just wonderful. I really felt submerged in the games, really felt I was there. I never felt that with the Pimax 4k.

So it’s not a perfect HMD, there’s enough room for improvement and the price is of course way too high. But I won’t change back to my Pimax 4k for sure and am really happy I’ve bought this thing.

Of course when the Pimax 8k comes out, the Vive Pro might feel like old gen instantly. But then again, who knows when the Pimax 8k comes out and who knows how well it will work …


I just see sebastian compare oculus go with vive pro, it look oculus go still be better than vive pro.
But I think wearality + my zte axon 7 still is the best if not include the refresh rate and some distortion.

Not see wearality for a long time, their site is closed and not sure that they already out of business or not.


Awsome review, my orginal Vive + rEvolve headstrap (3d printed) is really heavy around 1kg ! But it press forehead not a face and I feel very comfotable and get used to it. I always wonder how I will feel in Vive Pro which is light by half but foam pressing face.Recently I did lences swap and this is totally diferent device now atleast for some sim games with dark scenes and text - no godrays and huge sweetspot, also colors are more vivid and blur is gone.


First of all Sebastian is Vivefobic /Vivebasher and crusher, second what games you can play on Oculus Go. Its travel devices for movies thouse shoudt be comparable to PC one.


I just use oculus go to play steamvr by riftcat, I think if people want to play only sitting game, it is another choice if we are focusing on best display…