Vive Pro 880€ HMD only.... (double facepalm) Fat chance...!


Its 3 dof device isnt it ? For instance In flight sims already you have to move a bit your body or head to looks on panels also I woudnt recomend battery powered device for a long sesion. But good to know that’s working well with rifcat. Thanks


Infact I use riftcat + nolo vr, so still can making 6dof, but still not recommend nolo vr to play 6dof in 360 mode because still not stable. So 6dof is not problem, focus only display quality like pimax 4k.


Hi guys, kind of ironic since I opened the thread in outrage about the Pro’s price… but I bit the hook and got me a Vive Pro during my visit to the US last week, I got an amazing deal at dell and ended up grabbing one for 640Euros, which coupled with my recent sale of my OG for 240 Euros, left the upgrade in the 400Euros which was my orgininal pricepoint anyway… The thing that has me wondering is that the increase in resolution considerably increases the hardware requirements… more than I anticipated… I have a i7-6700k @4.4, Aorus GTX 1080ti extreme, 32GBDDR4@3200 and SSD, and I can tell you that my rig struggles to keep 90fps in project cars2 even with low settings and no supersampling at all!!! , other games are less demanding and look amazing, despite the Vive’s dated lenses… I can only imagine that getting the 8k to display Project Cars 2 and other demanding games properly, even on the best hardware will be challenging to say the least…


Hehe it’s nice eh, really enjoying it! But like i mentioned, it’s not perfect, the sweating really is an issue, at least for me, although I can live with it. Also in more detailed, more realistic games, like Skyrim VR, when you look further away the image just doesn’t look sharp, in fact I doubted a few times if my IPD was set correctly but it was, looking with one eye gave me the exact ‘unsharp’ image, further in the distance. This if is of course the limitation of the current resolution. So a higher res screen would certainly be welcome. Then again, this HMD is just a lot of fun to use, so it kind of takes the urge to get the Pimax 8k NOW away. And games like SuperHot are just awesome to play with this HMD, I doubt any higher res HMD would make this even more fun.


How does in car dials/flight instruments and distant objects look compared to the 4K would you say?


I think they’re as readable. I’m not sure if you remember but when Pimax had issue’s with their renderer, I always did the same test, in VR mark in the blue room there was always a certain sign that I could easily read with the SteamVR renderer but could not read with the (old) Pimax renderer (before they fixed it). I can as easily read that sign with my Vive Pro as with the Pimax 4k. Which makes sense I guess, in fact, since the native rendering resolution for the Vive pro is actually higher than the Pimax 4k, in theory it should even be better readable.


you forget 8k uses brainwarp technology? should make it less heavy on your gpu if i understand the tech correctly


I have similar setup ( but a bit better CPU : 8700k 4.9 OC) and on my Vive reciving stable 90 fps with supersampling 2.8 ( set @staemvr) with most medium/ high textures . So I guess you don’t know how to setup PC2 propellery. I would like to also know what are your Steam Vr settings for this game.


Truth alot of folks don’t realise Windows often has alot of bloat that can be shut off or settings change to optimise for gaming.


I assume you’re pulling that ss.with the original vive, not the pro. 100% ss in og does not equal 100% on pro. I had 2.3ss in steamvr with the og vive while getting 90fps all the time, so I know my settings…the resolution bump of the pro is taxing for your machine…I guess the cpu does make a significant difference anyeay


For Vive Pro Steam VR 100 % SS is 2014x2240 rendering pixels
My orginal Vive SS 280 % is 2530x 2811 pixels and this resolution my rig is rendering 90 fps stable for all tracks in PC 2 and medium/high settings ( only low grass)
So if you still dont see here room for improvement I step back.
You can look @ this guide :

I also modified ini files to get rid distance blurr. Befeore that tweak I’ve been using even highest SS than current 280 %


So after a bit longer time of gaming, I now consider the 2 biggest downsides of this HMD the weight and the heat. The HMD is dispersing a lot of heat, much more than the Pimax 4k does, so that’s why things get sweaty after a while of gaming. Also the weight is really a downside, after a prolonged gaming session its really starts to feel uncomfortable.

Other than that it’s really awesome, the SDE doesn’t bother me at all. The resolution itself could be a bit better but it’s quite good actually. All-in-all still very happy with it.


@sjefdeklerk what kind of games are you playing ? if seating get one of this immersive addon Just added "wind simulation" to my VR sim rig
if roomscale than this one

based my exp. a lot sweat generating orginal vive foam which pressing your face so try to get Vr cover 6mm replacement , they using vegan leather .


Recently been playing Skyrim and superhot. That leather replacement looks interesting, things, will order one


Should try The Forest @jonnypanic reports recent vr update


yes tried it yesterday. …it’s in beta, so rough around the edges with non optimized performance even on a 1080ti but the developer seems enthusiastic to crush bugs and make it better.


So the god rays dont bother you? You haven’t really mentioned them. Cheers


Cool & can be said not greedy at all. Creater of Ethan Carter sold vr as a modest upgrade (however as folks have complained 3 versions of the game with no shared save file). Where The Forest is all the same.

Bethesda on the otherhand sells vr upgrades as a new AAA title & with Skyrim as @Lillo & others have said couldn’t even have used the new fallout 4 engine. :-1:


One member here said if your ipd is set right on the vive/vive pro you won’t see them as much.


Ha, good question, funny thing is I haven’t even thought about them anymore, so no, they haven’t bothered me at all. Next few gaming session I will try to think about them and see if I notice them more.