Vive Pro 880€ HMD only.... (double facepalm) Fat chance...!


they will drop that prices probably during this year… I was thinking to buy vive pro now and wait couple month for pimax 8k but this price shock my wallet . My wife will not forgive me profiglacy. They pissed me off… wrr


probably 900 euro in Euro zone …Lol


Almost. 879 € for europe and 799 for uk . this is crazy…


I like how 800 USD translates to 880 EUR. It is even better than Apple and Steam (Valve) conversion which was historically 1 USD = 1 EUR.


Rofl, a half-gen hardware revision that’s more than double the price of my HMD-only 5K Early Bird pledge. I really hope that nobody buys a Vive Pro, better HMDs are just around the corner even if Pimax doesn’t quite live up to expectations.


For everyone laughing at the Vive Pro price, do you honestly think that the Pimax 8K will retail for what you paid on Kickstarter?
That’s not very likely. Take a look at past projects on Kickstarter that made it to retail: almost all of them are significantly more expensive in the retail market.

I would be shocked if, when the Pimax 8K comes to market, the headset costs less than a Vive Pro.
I would expect the Pimax 5K to be somewhere between $600 and $800, and the Pimax 8K units to sell for somewhere between $800 and $1000 USD for just the headset.

Low volume production, niche market, luxury high-end device = expensive product.
That was my primary motivation for ordering the headset on Kickstarter instead of a retail unit for review when they come out.


Since it’s been stated by Pimax multiple times that the price will be higher than KS prices, no I don’t expect them to retail for what we paid. However, I’d be more than happy if they were similar and more competitively priced. I’m not expecting the costs you mention unless part of a bundle with lighthouses and controllers.


Hmm are there? I only know of Kopin’s Elf VR that should be out somewhere this fall. But that 100 degrees FoV is really a downside of that thing, even though its’s 4k OLED.


Indeed i suspect that the “packages” will be $200 - $300 more than the KS reg packages.

& of course none of the extras we’re getting; save i think reg headband should be replaced with deluxe one.

But evem still the Vive Pro I could understand being marketed for $600 US & could see $850 for lighthouse, controller combo. Where as at $800 a package with new v2.0 peripherals is likely to be $1050 US.

But pricing the headset standalone for $800? Not when the Odyssy has dropped its price considerably & offers the same res/optic type with controllers.

Vive cv1 owners would better to look into the Samsung with a vive tracker then pay that much extra. Lol


< 1m
The Vive Pro isn’t for people who use VR casually. I would argue that the biggest draw is the updated head strap.
I have not yet tried the Vive Pro, but the extra padding and updated mechanical head strap should vastly improve comfort for long sessions. It’s for developers that work in VR all day, more than gamers who want the best visual experience.


Okay but on that note. Let’s go positive. If Pimax delivers the quality goods. You could get a better experience with even the 5k with deluxe strap. Only having to purchase (if pimax doesn’t bring out better face pad option) a high quality face padding.

Now sure we can only speak hypothetically til both can be directly compared.

Marketing the vive pro more for developers & workers is not good when so many improved headaets are already out.


Exactly. Pimax 8k is looking to be the best short term solution but as soon as these new OLED panels are available it will be redundant. I hope Pimax is not restricting themselves to CLPL and open to using OLED for future models


And 799 quid translate into 1000 Euros…do the math…Ah, the wonders of globalisation!!!


Keep in mind LG already has curved lcd panels. So its also possible to potenially mfg lcds warped so to speak.

Projection i think could be the more interesting route but probably around 5 years before viable to create Tek headsets. Lol

Now if we can get flexible Rgb oled plus flexible touch digitizer… Earth Final Conflict Global phone!


I don’t like to get that deep into hypothetical territory. No one has seen the Pimax deluxe head strap in person yet, so we have nothing to base that statement on.

That’s not to say that the Pimax headset would provide a better or worse experience than the Vive Pro. The fact is we just don’t know.
What I do know is that the Vive Pro head strap is a big improvement over the base Vive and the deluxe audio head strap.

I can also say with confidence that the headstrap on the V2 prototype that I tried in October isn’t as good as the base Vive head strap. I’m sure the retail version will be better, but we won’t know until we get to try it.

I am curious why you think marketing the Vive Pro to workers and developers is a bad idea? There are other HMDs on the market, but many companies are already setup with Vive headsets and base stations and their workflow/business model revolves around the Vive platform.
A better HMD is likely a bid draw for those people.


Which quid? 800 GBP is 909 EUR at the moment according to Google rates.


A new user could buy a GTX 1080+Oculus Rift/Touch/2 sensors for what it would cost to buy this headset+2base+2wands. If they don’t have a gpu that will work in VR, this is a good move. The 1080 will allow them to advance the pixel density to where the difference to a native Vive Pro looks. Without it, of course, they aren’t even in the game. Budget constraints make the Rift viable even now.
I contend CV1 is highly worthy to new users. Hell, for Touch alone I would buy a another CV1 over a Vive Pro despite it’s somewhat higher resolution, should mine break tomorrow. People should not rule out the value of Touch in their decision.


I paid 1300$ +tx for the full kit, buying it at staple 1.5 year ago, added the deluxe strap for 99$. Very happy since then but No way i Will pay 999$CAN+tx. For a upgrade…

This confirm that HTC is leaving the high end consumer market.


My plan too , it’s the only viable alternative if Pimax headsets arn’t up to it


surely this cant be right…