Vive Pro 880€ HMD only.... (double facepalm) Fat chance...!


You’re right, I don’t know how I got that figure wrong, anyway 800 quid is 1124 USD…325$ more than in the US…that’s crazy…


I don’t think it’s a bad idea to market to workers & devs. I just think using that to over price the headset is not a good idea for sales. Especially while has some draw backs the Odyssy could be said to have been made with the same idea in mind. Save for the complaints on cheap feeling controllers. And now with the Odyssy being priced friendlier with same displays & similar optics.


That does include VAT, though (unless you looked at corporate pricing). US listings are always sans sales tax, which is added in checkout (This is because tax varies between states). Still a $187 difference, but… :7


Not referring to any HMD in specific, but after Pimax orders are shipped, surely somebody else will want to explore an HMD without such limited FoV. Like I said, I feel like Vive Pro is gen1.5 in terms of specs and features, Pimax will probably ignite gen2 if they do things right.


Possibly. There isn’t a huge market for high-res high-FoV headsets yet. Only true enthusiasts will have a graphics card which could handle it. That will change with time.


Guess I’ll use my Lenovo explorer, till get pimax 8K. Vice is dead for me now :slight_smile:


HTC has sealed their fate with Vive Pro’s price announcement and there are plenty of potential consumers now looking elsewhere for a true next step up.

Pimax should seize the opportunity if capable.


Somebody can tell me if there is any video/photo with SDE comparison between Vive and Vive Pro ?
Edit : found one here

Just realized that Vive Pro is probably munch better HMD than Samsung Odyssey that is why they don’t care for price to be competetive with them :

  • better audio , 2 front cameras, 2 mics, better IPD adjustement, comfort (?) , tracking , game support (key factor !)
    Beyond the price in which areas Samsung is better ?


Well, I suppose it depends on what your use is.

From what I read, I assume the Vive Pro has the following advantages over the Samsung (have myself tested neither of them):

  • better tracking quality (behind the back tracking of controllers, in the dark, etc.)
  • probably a bit more comfortable as the new audio strap is said to be better that the Vive CV1 Audiostrap
  • better audio
  • wireless announced (although there are announcements for Windows MR wireless too, e.g. from TPCast)
  • build quality likely a bit better

What is not substantially better:

  • displays & lens combo (same displays, but the Samsung seems to have slightly better lenses)
  • tracking area (inside-out logically beats even the larger Lighthouse 2.0 area)
  • less controller input variety (analog sticks)

Not sure I would conclude that that makes the Vive Pro a “much better” HMD ? Certainly not for a consumer who will not use it for 10 h a day (where comfort, build quality gain more value).

If I get a substantially comparable performance for me as a consumer, and pay substantially less, then I guess I would say in comparison the Samsung offers me a better deal. It does not need to be better than the Vive Pro in absolute terms if the price difference of the Vive Pro is not matched by appropriate added value for me, in order to say that the Samsung is the better choice for me.
Price obviously is critical in the sense, that most products on the market would be substantially better if the companies could assume that the customers do not care about spending any amount of money. Often a lot of sacrifices are made in the design & development process to meet a price point which is supposed to be competitive.

Personally I would even happily spend 900 $ or more for a real next gen HDM, if it had all the goodies we are waiting for. But the Vive Pro definitely does not even come near to what I would expect for that money.

[Edit: forgot to mention the 2 camera’s (I never even made use of the 1 camera on the Vive, so not sure it adds anything) and the two microphones (again, not exactly sure how I as a consumer will have any gain from that)]


Same here. Spending $800 on a GPU then another $700 on a monitor because I want an essential upgrade on my gear is justified. But paying $1500’ish for a VivePro+LH2+Controllers is asking a lot for a refresh model, it is not groundbreaking in any way to justify it yet (pending reviews). If I get a client who insists on Vive Pro app support then I will get it but until then I can wait and see what happens over the next 3 months.

  • Samsung insisde-out tracking area is limited by max 5~10m cables or you need carry PC in backpack :slight_smile:
  • Controlers agree for now but knuckels coming and I compared HMD’s only without accessories.

and as I mention before better game/apps support ( steam + revive) is a key advantage over Samsung


On the tracking area - last time I checked the Vive had cables too. I do not know which system is easier to extend with repeater cables etc., but I suppose both will allow it (with lots of try & error purchases)
And if mentioned that wireless will be available to both towards the end of the year.

On the Controllers, the Vive Pro complete kit will always ship with the Vive wands, because these are HTC’s controllers. When Valve release the Knuckels, and these have been revealed back in 2016 (!) and still no news on release dates or prices, you again have to pay extra to get those.

So if money is not a factor at all, probably the Vive Pro is the better HMD. Just not by a great margin, that is.
The game support of course may be a factor to the indivual, depending on the intended use. If you happen to favour one of the few SteamVR games not yet well supported by WMR, then yes, the Samsung may not make sense to you today given the insecurity how long it will take to get that fixed.

But SteamVR is controlled by Valve, they will make sure to help Windows MR as good as they can because that opens a whole range of new customers to their plattform.

I was just pointing out that I do not see the Vive Pro to be a clearly better HMD, all taken into account. It is a good HMD, no doubt, and people who do not mind the substantial extra premium attached to it will surely enjoy it !


You would think they would come a bit quicker. The pre-production version of the knuckles went out to developers in August 2017 and…@…


I don’t agree Yata. The headphones on Oddysey are AKG which if you have ever heard them they are a great mid range solution. How is the IPD adjustment better on the VIVE Pro it is still a physical knob. Both have front cameras, the only upside to the one on the vive is that they are front facing. A lot of Steam/Revive games work great with WMR headsets nowadays.
As for tracking you do realize that if you have the steam base stations and vive wands you can use them without the headset by tweaking some OpenVR settings and connecting to PC with a bluetooth adapter. Sure your head tracking still wont be ideal but it solves the lost controller issues that the Odyssey suffers from.

Display is the same as in the VIVE Pro.


I will not agree with you either. They are using AKG brand for marketing purpose. For me the mid range begins with the value of the entire Samsung HMD bundle (400~500$ +) No one will integrate great headphones in HMDs. Belive me before I start VR hobby I was very active PC Audiophile who start from midrange and finished on highend stuff like HD 800, tube amps, mtech Young DSD DAC, dedicated low jitter USB card , expensive cables , software and power solutions… The point is that on paper and based headphones look Vive Pro audio seems to be better sound quality : “Hi-Res certificate headset ,Hi-Res certificate headphone (removable) High impedance headphone support” For sure they have integrated DAC with simple Amp.
Plus reviews of Samsung Odyssey audio was kind of …meh… 6:15
and there is no headphones jack so you cant even connect your own cans…
regarding IPD I make a mistake - Lenovo Explorer have low IPD range, sorry ! Samsung is OK


I think at that point even VIVE audio will not satisfy your expectations.

I have PSB dual driver IEMs that I use for VR atm and they are great. I also have some Audio Technica ATH-ADM700X which while not audiophile grade, are pretty good open back headphones that work well when paired with a Uber 2 Magni Amp.
But to your point I do not see VR HMD’s including audiophile options as that would only drive the prices further up. And at the end of the day it is more about software that approximates spatial sound than the headphones themselves.

Also you focused mainly on the audio portion. But you have to agree that being $300 less than the VIVE and having nearly all the same features it is just a better buy for the consumer.

If we look at the prosumer side to them the price does not matter. If you are in architecture or industrial design the big firms will pay anything so long as the designer/engineer can improve their efficiency.

To them the VIVE Pro is just a drop in the bucket and if anything they are buying HMD’s like Hololens, or Meta 2 AR HMD. Or perhaps something like the VRGineers 5k HMD or Sensics which are all in the $4k to $20k range. Because they need even higher fidelity.


fully agree, in terms value for money Vive Pro is highly overpriced


I will concede one thing though. With the VIVE you set it up and it just works. WIth WMR there is a lot more setup(for OpenVR/REvive), especially if you go my route and use it with VIVE base stations/wands.


Well , I see that not only setup is complicated but for my country and probably whole Europe buying this device is almost impossible and Vive Pro is still an option to consider. The Samsung US guarantee for me seems to be a worse option even from HTC local support…


Add a vive tracker & you might be able to add headtracking.