Vive Pro 880€ HMD only.... (double facepalm) Fat chance...!


Did not know that it was barely available in EU.

Heliosurge that is a good point but then you are adding another $100 onto the price tag :slight_smile:


True but for folks that own v1 wands & basestations allows for a cheaper upgrade path with any headset potenially of choice.


should We move to Canada ? :slight_smile:


That’s twice I heard this mentioned recently. Other than garage hacks and half experiments, has anybody actually got a SteamVR game working using this hybrid setup? I searched around and came up short of an actual confirmation.


At present more of a theory. It should be possible as long as HTC hasn’t put things in the tracker program to prevent it.

Same as years ago some discovered you could have cuda processing on an amd gpu if the mb had onboard Nvidia igpu. Nvidia fixed their driver to prevent this.

Now you might be able to get an idea looking at the vive tracker sdk?

@crony might have an idea on this idea as well.


Imagine if all the DK2 users could suddenly have hand presence using cheap Lighthouse v1 kit going for peanuts on Ebay :slight_smile:


Indeed it would also open steam tracking to any headset. Ie the old 4k model. :beers::smirk::+1::sparkles:


As Lighthouse is Valve technology and the SDK for it is freely available
As Pimax have created their own controller compatible with Valve tracking…

That could be a recipe for backwards compatibility right there. They could make as much money selling their own controllers+LH1 as they could from Pimax headsets!


Silly question… Would a 2.0 Lighthouse work simultaneously with a 1.0 version?.. Imagine someone has Vive 1 with 2x 1.0 LH, then buys a vive pro and gets a single 2.0 LH, then gives/sell the vive1 and 1x 1.0LH to someone who does not need 2LH (simracer…) would that work?.. Vive Pro is compatible with LH 1&2… the thing is whether it could take advantage of two different LH for posititioning…


Tracking V2 is backwards compatible with lighthouse v1. However Lighthouse v2.0 is not backwards compatible with Tracking v1.

So lighthouse v2 cannot work with lighthouse v1. Valve has documents on this.


Sure the steam tracking is open; but could htc patented the tracker module as an addon?

I don’t know is why I am asking. Kinda like Oculus patenting curved displays for vr when we already have curved displays in phones & tvs etc.


I doubt it, [quote=“Heliosurge, post:73, topic:5498”]
Sure the steam tracking is open; but could htc patented the tracker module as an addon?
I think we would have heard about any royalties in Lighthouse (SteamVR Tracking) by now. Also, lighthouse would not be effective without the other end being part of the SDK, it’s part of the solution. How a third party interfaces to Lighthouse could not be patented either, well, apart from design, as you would be using SteamVR Tracking SDK which carries its own copyright.

Unless you mean something else like the “Vive Tracker Pucks” ? again that’s just using valves SDK to perform tracking?

I am not 100% on all that ^, it is just assumptions.


What I meant is: if the Vive Pro is backwards compatible with v1, but also with v2, and you have a setup with both v1 and v2 LH’s, would it work? Apparentely Valve has ruled that out as you indicate…


Thats what i mean by application. While HTC cannot restrict use of steam tracking; could they patent the tracking puck? Similar to Oculus patenting curved displays for vr; even though they didn’t create curved displays.


You could say have 2 setups yes. In your example one roomscale say with v1 lighthouses & one setup with 1 v2 lighthouse for your racing setup.

You just can’t use v1 lighthouse at the same time as v2 lighthouse (together).


HTC has updated their tracking pucks to be Lighthouse v2 compatible…

It says it on the spec page at the bottom.

Tracking: Support for SteamVR BS1.0 and BS2.0


Makes sense as v1 pucks would have no use with v2 lighthouses.


Apparently, you can update the firmware on the v1 pucks to the v2. Well… at least that is what I saw on Reddit.


Interesting if you can. That would indicate the vive pucks were built with the new tracking sensors… For example the vive & wands can never be lighthouse v2.0 compatible as the laser tracking sensor requires a pulse that is no longer available due to the new lighthouse design.

Do you have a link? Be a good read.


I was wrong… I can only say that when I came across the post, I was still waking up…

HTC have quietly upgraded the vive tracking puck