Vive Pro 880€ HMD only.... (double facepalm) Fat chance...!


No worries didn’t think they were that nice lol


Not sure about a patent unless they have broken new ground on its design without Valve help but as you say, who knows. It is a HTC product thats for sure. Any new puck would probably have to have a different design but I guess there is only so much room for change there.


The official HTC YouTube announcement and down votes were quite predictable to us muggles.

I guess this is what happens when you have mobile management and VR management in the same room making decisions. We all know how pushy mobile sales people are.


The comments on this video are hilarious. HTC has basically confirmed they will not have anything new for at least 2 years. If Pimax can prove themselves with the M1 they have a good chance to get ahead


Great post @benz145


In fact, we can make all HMDs work with Lighthouse via OSVR.
A description of this can be found at the link below.

I have actually tested this method.


Awesome Crony!

But I have been curious of using the tracking puck in steamvr itself (without osvr)

With your experience what do you think?


I have no idea about that.
But I have seen a way to use the htc vive tracker without a vive headset.


Yeah I saw that @ Immersed a company was using one with its mocap suit. The Vive Wands can also be used in Steam without a headset by editing a config file from what I read.


Can a DK2 ever get hand tracking?


Yeh, why not.
But work only in extended mode.



I am working on getting my puck tracked as an HMD as we speak (no OSVR). Will hopefully have something this weekend.


That’s awesome since that would mean could likely use it in the psvr on pc.

@crony like yourself has alot of experience with custom vr headset setups.


Yesterday HTC delivered my Vive Pro! After they sell the lighthouse boxes and the controllers for a fair price, I choose to buy a Vive Pro.
It is really amazing how much better the picture quality is, with such a slight resolution upgrade.
I´m really agog in comparing with the Pimax 8k!


Hows the god ray fest? Are the rumors true? :beer:


Yesterday I played Skyrim VR & Elite Dangerous.
The lenses are the same as in the old Vive. During gaming I realize the same quality with the god ray effect. Not better, not poorer!


Can you paste here couple shoots through lenses ?


I try to do so.
Still I´m at work (2 p.m. in germany). Maybe I can take some fotos in the evening.

Edit: Assumed everything went fine with the shoots through the lenses, what kind of games you are interested in? Elite, Skyrim, Raw Data, Arizona Sunshine, etc.


Elite, primarily, but take shots of whichever games you feel are representative. Thanks!


@Heliosurge that is my plan exactly, to me it still has the least SDE