Vive Pro 880€ HMD only.... (double facepalm) Fat chance...!


I read an awesome review driving a psvr headset with a beefy pc i think he said ss x2.0 driving at 120hz in project cars if mem serves.


I feel like the SS is more noticeable in PSVR than VIVE or even Odyssey, not sure why. But especially in Ethan Carter VR distant object s become super defined with additional SS.


From my understanding this is likely to do with Sub resolution. The Psvr is using an Rgb(3 sub pixels) oled where as the 3 you mentioned are using pentile(2 sub pixels) oleds.


Yeah and if thats the case the Pimax will look outstanding since I am assuming they have and RGB stripe with 3 sub pixels or are they RGBw?


That one not sure. The old 4k was rgb. There are some sde shots that might tell if its rgb or rgbw in the clpl lcd panels.


Pimax actually improves the VR industry with its leap in FOV + RES… While HTC increased the resolution only so they did not have to re-engineer anything major for say… new lenses. Fail imo


It is a little bit tricky to take fotos with my smartphone infront of the lenses.

Maybe I take some better photos next evening. …less time!


Yes, that’s my understanding, so they should look noticeably better than Pentile displays, which is part of why the Pimax has less SDE. I’ll try to find the source info.

doublefrag - Thanks for the shots. The orange lettering in Elite looks better than I expected, since I thought there would still be some SDE. Orange is a hard color for Pentile displays.

[update] “Pimax confirmed that CLPL uses RGB sub-pixel arrangement, which is denser than PenTile as used on the Vive and the Rift.”



great find @neal_white_iii

@doublefrag that is some crisp looking text and background, may I ask at what resolution the camera photos come out?


I take the photo with my iPhone 6. It has got a 8MP camera.
Yesterday I can upload the photo in the original size :wink:


How are the black levels? Any improvement over the vive 1 displays. Does space look better?


My first impression especially in Elite Dangerous was, that the black level looks better.

Following my two shoots through the lense in the full resulution :wink:


The screen shots are quite good, if you look at the full size image. Here’s a detail from the Elite image; when zoomed you can see the pixel pattern quite clearly…

doublefrag, how does it look in person? Is the screen door effect still obvious, or is it not very noticeable?


I wrote an experience report in my german elite forum:

But I think this one is a little bit difficult for you to understand :wink:

So let me try to summarize my report in english:

  1. the head mount ist really great and still better than the deluxe audio trap

  2. you hardly feel the weight of the VR

  3. the screendoor effect is almost unnoticeable.
    I compare the quality gain from Vive to Vive Pro with the chance from DK2 to the old Vive.
    You can notice the pixel in Elite Dangerous by reading the text, but the acuity ist really great. Also the faraway objekt are now much more clearer.
    The same in Skyrim. For example the faraway faces are much more sharper now.

  4. the performance is unexpected good! I´m playing Elite Dangerous and Skyrim (with many Mods) without any noticeable framelost (i5 - 980Ti - 16 Gbyte RAM)

  5. the only critical aspect are the lenses, because they are compare with the old Vive.


Yeah recently noticed a new face shield at work seems to be very similar to new Headstrap on Vive pro. Lol


HTC Vive Pro Teardown.
Maybe somebody is interested in :wink:


Thank you Doublefrag for your pictures.
they are good, as Neil said you can see the pixels…
but let’s be honest here :smiley:

There is no competition!


Ah yes they answerd that but this probably mean a RGBW , just accidently forgot add „W” in phraze. I still remember 90 hz story in Tested interview…No hard feelings :innocent:


The Pimax 8k should be have a better picture, for sure.
But we don´t know whether the text is made from the same ingame distance. I do not think so :smirk:


Right, according to people who tested 8K prototypes, if you look closely you can see pixels too…