Vive Pro 880€ HMD only.... (double facepalm) Fat chance...!


Can you find out the faceshield model name @Heliosurge


Okay will do on weekend when at work


yes, you can, but they are very subtle, very little SDE. Although it is difficult to compare, from the looks of the screen shots of the Vive Pro, I would say the Vive Pro likely has more SDE and more distinct pixel visibility, which should not be a surprise.


One of my vive base stations just crapped out… :frowning: fault 03 error… red blinking lite…its toast…


Going to have to order new one since its no longer under warranty…ugh…


I agree. I don’t think the 8K will have any significant SDE, but you’ll still be able to see pixels, if you look for them. I just wanted to point out that, while the Pimax 8K will hopefully be the best VR headset available (for now), it’s best to keep your expectations realistic.


Linus takes a dump on the vive pro in his new review video. It’s funny…
But in the same video calls the pimax 8k he tried a hot pile or garbage. That’s not so funny…


But he also states that it’s miles ahead in terms of resolution and sde.


His complaints were specifically aimed towards tracking latency and lens distortion. He also initially lauded the 8K for its resolution and FOV.
LTT review of the Vive Pro - comparison with 8K

I think it would be a great idea for Pimax to send him a production model of the 8K before the official launch (assuming that the headset meets expectations). Right now the majority of LTT viewers probably have a low opinion of the 8K and will continue to be put off every time he takes a jab at it.


Latest RtoVR. More bad news it seems.


VR tech is complicated. It’s worth remembering that even the “big players” have had some issues. People shouldn’t freak out if there are some initial problems with the 8K. What matters is that Pimax needs to fix any issues that crop up. This is a big deal for Pimax; their reputation is on the line and any missteps in handling issues could break the company (or at least ruin their reputation).

It’s likely that at least a few headsets will have issues once the backers have received them. Customer Support will be key to Pimax’s future success (or failure).

I’m hoping it all goes smoothly and all the backers love their headsets, but as this latest news shows, even an expensive product like the Vive Pro can have issues.


The thing is… I haven’t seen any reviews that shows the Vive Pro has any actual issues. All the negative reviews I see for the Vive Pro is that it is a marginally improved upgrade compared to its predecessor at a premium price.


Read the roadtovr article. It appears that maybe the firmware update is causing screen brightness conflicts fir some users of vive & vive pro. Htc is looking into it.


I agree, there is the audio issue and apparently something with the screens has been reported the last days, but generally it seems mature.

It‘s just that all Vive Pro owners would be so happy to trade the two scenarios you mention - rather have some issues now which need aftercare by HTC than have a headset which only marginally improves the overall experience.
(okay, ´marginally´ may be a bit unkind but it is the kind of improvement everybody would have considered okay if was said to be a facelift after 2 years and the Vive sold at the same price point as previously, but a hilarious joke when announcing it to be a prosumer headset priced at 800+ for the headset only).


Reviewers like “Mixed Reality TV” doesn’t imply there is an actual audio problem … more like the audio isn’t that good. Same with the microphone. Now with regards to the software… I don’t consider that myself a true issue to heap negative of the product if it’s a minor issue that effects some users and is quickly recognized and resolved with a patch. Heck, even WMR is still going through some software growing pains. Lets put it this way… did any of these reviewers who completely say… the VIVE Pro is a no-go due to early software issues or really included that issue in their reasoning why the Vive Pro should be bypassed at this stage? I haven’t seen that. I would bet that if the reviews went… the VIVE Pro is almost perfect…reasonable cost, great video, great sound, much improved than the regular Vive but still has some software issues that needed to be worked out… VIVE Pro would be selling like hotcakes!!!

EDIT: I started to address AXacuati then somewhere in the middle I was talking to Helio to address what he was saying… sorry for the confusion.


No worries. If you read the RdtoVR they were not able to test the audio during there first review as mentioned in the above article. A recent firmware if i remember correctly (need steam beta i beleive it said) is supposed to enable/fix audio.

With the audio working may help to justify the inflated price.

What it comes down to is poor marketing at CES. At ces they made it sound like it was a good upgrade for Vive users(meaning reasonably priced).

When they should have said good for proffessional developing & working in vr. This is also can be an upgrade for existing Vive users, but targeted more for commercial/proffessional use. (Meaning pricey)

As for the problems it just means the users affected by the issues htc said there looking into aren’t making it a spectacle. (Which is what all mfgrs want from consumers)


All the reviews I’ve seen report the god rays are worse than the original. I wont buy it for exactly that reason. MRTV clams the oddysey has beter optics. Makes no sense to be double the price


Linus can literally fuck off. He has no ideea what he is talking when it comes to VR.


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I have the Pro and it’s hands down the best HMD I have ever used. Ever.

Yes it’s expensive as fuck but I’m no audiopile so the sound isn’t in any way noticably worse than my OG Vive+DAS.

I do not notice godrays any more than I do on my OG Vive.

The resolution increase might not be that much looking at just the specs - for me the step up passed a signficant threshold to where it immensely increases immersion for me.

And the single biggest and most significant improvement is comfort - I can now play until I’m actually physically exhausted rather than from a splitting headache.

I’m guessing most ‘VR-enthusiasts’ are shitting on this HMD because those improvements mentioned don’t justify the price tag in realtion to their willingness to spend. This doesn’t apply for me and I don’t choose HMDs by ‘either/or’ but rather ‘which one first’.