Vive Pro 880€ HMD only.... (double facepalm) Fat chance...!


Not sure about maxed out but I’m running a TitanXp @ a stable 2Ghz so e.g. SkyrimVR with around 50 mods runs below reprojection thresholds at 130% scale in SteamVR plus another 120% via in-game settings and it does look fucking glorious, if you pardon the language.

Realizing just how much data that is @ 90fps I’m actually really happy with how my GPU is holding up tbh…


i do not understand why I would even care about the audio of an hmd - I have been using senheiser headsets for years and would rather stick to that then cheap headphones built in. Quality audio is just to pricey to be built in in general. I would prefer using my audio solution and the hmd leaving room for me to do so. Rather they invest that in better HMD quality.


Just comes down to preference & convenience. If i spent the money 4 example on an expensive audio headset would use them. But always best to test what comes. For example the 4k headphones are quite good for what they are. Not just a cheapy headphones like that came with psvr.


Myself … I like having the audio built into the HMD… easier to put on… easier to lift the HMD when … I need to look at the monitor, answer the phone or answer the wife, etc… and less cables.

Yes they are!


Same here convienience, and on the deluxe strap the sound is really good. For reference I normally use a pair of hd650 for music listening


I got it now two days,but i have sended it back today and i keep playing with my ocuclus till the pimax 8k arrivés.

I found the sweet spot very very bad and alot of godrays…
The resolution was nice but not that big of a upgrade.

Also my rift is lighter on my face…
And it takes a performance hit(this make me a little scared for the ordered pimax 8k…)

I hope the pimax 8k arrivés very soon…


So the Pro with 2.0 trackers arrived at amazon for $1400:

I might actually go for it. I don’t see the Pimax 8k being released this year so this probably will be the best HMD for 2018. I’m afraid though that I’ll really hate the godray’s …


Why not the Samsung with VIVE controllers and trackers?


Does that even work well?

EDIT Hmm I read that it does work but there’s a lot of fiddling involved to get it working … As money isn’t really a problem for me I think I’ll just go for the Vive pro, although it’s of course hugely overpriced.


I’m so on the fence myself about purchasing VIVE controllers to give it a try but since I ordered the Full Pimax 8K package… I’m having a tough time deciding. SweViver did a video using it with SkyRim and he says he’s going to do more. The setup looks awfully simple… he also shows the setup in his video. I know two more popular youtuber will be doing demo’s of it soon. On the other side of the coin… the inside/out controllers on the Samsung aren’t that bad. I just started playing VTOL (10 hours so far)… and the controllers work well with it… though I am using CH rudders. I have about 25 SteamVR games and 90% of those games work just fine with the Samsung controllers.


You can replace lences from Gear VR and you will have no godrays and better sweetspot. In my local market new GearVR cost like 70$


I’ve had that urge to buy the pro too but I think after a week you’ll be dissapointed guaranteed


You meant to reply to sjefdeklerk? I have no intentions of purchasing the pro… I already have the Samsung and I’m happy with it.


If your in Im in bro. I dont see anything being released this year. I’ve been in a VR coma since I sold my 3rd Rift replacement. The Vive pro should be good for at least 6 months


“I think after a week you’ll be dissapointed guaranteed”

We don’t talk much about that here but do you find any new VR games proposed on steam so much interesting? Not much AAA games Fallout 4, SkyRim and ?

A few gems but nothing very new lately


True on one front many games are quite similarp to one another.


Hehe nice. Well you can then go ahead and buy it since I’ve just placed my order at Amazon :slight_smile:


Thanks mate, I think I’ll actually do this on arrival :slight_smile: Kinda crazy that you need to replace lenses in a $1400 device, but oh well …


Seems some are getting a bit of eye strain from the lens swap , I have bought lens last week but waiting to see what sweviver makes of the swap in his next vid before I attack my HMD with a screwdriver


The vive controllers with WMR headset does work well but in the last few weeks I have had to re calibrate them about half a dozen times , I think WMR tracking keeps changing position slightly


Amazon just mailed me that they’ll ship out the package earlier than the 3-5 weeks, in fact, 30 april is now the expected shipping date.