Vive Pro with Pimax 8K base station and controllers


can you use the vive pro with the pimax 8K base station and controllers, the other way around is stated all the time, but never this way around.

will the pimax 8K controllers work with the vive base stations as well, i suspect not.


In theory it should work both ways because HTX and Pimax are both using Valve tech for the tracking. Should all be compatible. But in practice? Yeah, flip a coin…


From what I understand, there is no technical difference between lighthouses between Pimax and HTC. The only differences between any Valve Lighthouses is the 1.0 and 2.0 spec. They are all made by valve with a skin on them. Therefore if your device works with whatever lighthouse version you are running, it should work regardless of who you bought the lighthouse from.

So basically, follow this diagram. If your device is a 1.0 tracker, it will only work with 1.0 lighthouses. If it is a 2.0 tracker, it will work with all lighthouses.

The original vive lighthouses were 1.0, the ones shipping with the vive pro are now 2.0. The pro then logically has to have 2.0 tracking for it to work with the lighthouses it ships with (since a 1.0 couldnt work with 2.0 lighhouses). Pimax is shipping the 8k with 2.0 lighthouses, and using the same logic has 2.0 tracking built in. Controllers should be the same deal for both.

So in theory, everything should be compatible between the Vive Pro stuff and Pimax 8k stuff.


Hopefully the lighthouse tracking system will just be universally compatible. So that the cost / convenience of switching to a different headset becomes much lower. It would be perhaps nice to have some competition too, as long as it stays compatible, but that doesn’t sound like it will happen.

Ofcourse, inside-out tracking without base stations is even better.


My experience with inside-out using WMR has been meh for a “complete experience”.

I fully respect it because I have brought it to my friends’ houses for events and have had a blast, and games where your hands stay in front of you all the time (beat saber) work great and make great party games. However games requiring more controlled controls or a wider range of motion drive me insane from the optical tracking of the controllers causing a slight jitter on the controller’s position, and complete lack of motion tracking above my head and behind me.


I agree , the jitter is a pain and makes me a bad shot in any shooter game so I stick to vive wands


so if its a 2.0 tracker it will work with 1.0 LH, so that means knuckles an those 2018 blue vive tracker pucks will work with 1.0, so what is the piont in 2.0 trackers then for a single user using 2 base stations, other than the base stations having more powe efficiency


What’s the tracking like on the wmr headset? I mostly don’t use controllers. I like flight sims and racing but I definitely need good tracking on headset as I lean around in my cockpit a lot when flying, especially combat.


The reason you use 2.0 trackers is because the 1.0 trackers are not forward compatible with the 2.0 lighthouses. That trend will most likely continue in the future so there is no point using old trackers on newly released gear.

Also, if you are looking towards advantages of the 2.0 lighthouses, I suggest reading through this,


The head tracking is pretty decent. it does lose tracking from time to time but never anything too significant. It uses your computer monitor as the primary reference point for the room, and it works well enough. The biggest issue I find is in either dark or super bright (sunlight) rooms the device will lose tracking more often.But a lamp on in the room or blinds covering the window will solve that quickly.

If you do get a WMR headset, I’d suggest not skimping out with the other brands and just getting an Oddessy. I have the HP WMR and it’s passable, but the screendoor is fairly noticeable, god rays are everywhere, the fresnel lens is very visible, and the colours arent the best. I don’t mind though because I got mine new for $40 from $600 (CAD), which is a pretty damn good deal if you ask me.