VoiceAttack Profile for Elite Dangerous


Wondered if any fellow VR Elite Dangerous players would be keen on my VoiceAttack profile which includes KICS voice responses?

If I get a few replies I will host my profile and KICS audio replies and write up a user guide.

Update - Will also be modifying it for latest chapter 4 updates :slight_smile:



I thought KICS got deprecated and adware infected some years ago.

You should explain what KICS is and offer a link


Defiantly no malware in it… Been using it for about 3 years. As mentioned in last post will be happy to provide links if people are interested. I am not forcing anyone to use it? Just offering a pre configured VA profile.


Without explanation what your KICS is good for, it hardly raises interest then IMO…


Well thanks for that!.. but i was not asking who was NOT interested, i was asking who WAS interested, but thanks for you’re negative comments, albeit unfounded and uninformative. simple google search would of helped you there?!

I thought this already explained it? But if you want more specifics…

KICS is similar to the HTC voice packs you can purchase to add immersion to your VoiceAttack profile - this will give you voice acted responses to any of your voice commands adding to the overall immersion of the game… However KICS is free to use, it was created by Ripley Galactic who unfortunately is no longer developing it and has moved onto newer projects, but the last iteration of KICS was version 4.1. This version of KICS has been made available for ‘general use’ and open so Elite Dangerous players can have a free to use Voice Attack audio reply when initiating commands.

All of the voice responses were voice acted by the developers girlfriend. Her voice has a nice clean English (with a dutch accent) sound, so much better that text to speech for sure!

The original KICS download was available https://alpha-orbital.com/kics however that domain has since expired. Some other Elite Dangerous players have hosted the KICS voice acted files on behalf of Ripley Galactic because they are now hard to find, but usually only the audio files and not the VA profile. This is one of the reasons i offered them due to them being hard to find now.

If you want to see it in action, here is a youtube video on me demoing VoiceAttack and the KICS voice responses, i am showing only about a dozen or so but gives you an idea of how they work!