VoodooDE should get an M1 Prototype


He has a german VR channel on YouTube. In my opinion he is one of the best. He is pushing VR in Germany and a lot of People would like his opinion on the M1 Prototype.


I second that notion although we should keep in mind that @mixedrealityTV `s Sebastian is also a German VR YouTuber who has been in close contact with Pimax for a while and even got the chance for some extended hands-on impressions as well as an interview with the lady who appears to be in charge of Marketing over at Pimax.

In general, PC gaming in Germany is traditionally very strong so it’s not surprising that the super-enthusiast segment of that audience has been quite welcoming to VR as a whole.


Again, keep in mind that the goal of the review is NOT to share opinions to the backers. It’s to get feedback to Pimax so that they can improve the unit before shipping it out. So the idea is not to review it, make a video to explain if the reviewer would suggest buying it. It’s to make a list of things that Pimax should improve.


true. Don’t think there should even be a youtube review, just a text review here on this forum saying all the good and bad things so they improve on it (if needed of course)


I opt in, as I did in the update thread also.


VoodooDE is a good youtube channel, to support the pimax. Please give him one of the prototypes. Thanks pimax


Thank you guys I really appreciate it!
Of course I’d list everything that in my opinion should be improved here in this forum as well as on YouTube.


Are your reviews on YouTube in English?


No, german only! There are enough VR channels in english :slight_smile:
I want to show the M1 and tell the german speaking VR community about the pros and cons of the M1.
The VR community and the VR interest in german speaking countries is huge… very huge :slight_smile:
However in this forum I will of course write my opinions and improvement suggestions in english.


My vote is for doc-ok. Did he back?
I really hope someone looks at an amsler grid whoever tests it. At the very very least


Voodoo is THE SOURCE for News about VR in Germany. Please give him one of the M1 Prototype.


Yes Voodoo is the best in Germany vr News on YouTube. Please give him one M1 prototype


Nope, its not up to your guys to decide but Pimax. Who cares whatever the source of vr news is in Germany. I couldn’t care less.
When M1 prototypes are given to certain people they should speak ENGLISH so that everyone can understand.


As far as I know, someone else in Germany gets the 8k. I hope VoodooDE gets one, too.


End with this nonsense already. I’m sick of people hearing who should get the god damn M1 and who shouldn’t.


That’s not for annoying you. It’s helping Pimax to find someone in countries who knows VR and knows all the HMDs.


Yeah, well what about Romania? What about me who has all the HMDs available and been a VR enthusiast from the very first day? Huh, what about that?

Why all this talk about Germany? Germany there, Germany here, give M1 to him, give M1 to her and so on. I’m sick of watching posts like this and people claiming they know better whom to give. NO.

Yet, i’m gonna repeat myself, if this guy does not speak english so that we can all understand, there is no point to give him M1 so that he can speak in his native language and for his german fans only. NO, this is NONSENSE.

Pimax should choose people who will do the reviews IN ENGLISH!


I agree, but it’s not about giving a review but giving an appropriate feedback for Pimax and for us, backers :grin:

Leave the review for the final version.


and why this sholud be ytubers ? and why from different europe countries ? In my opinion they should give m1 to first 10~20 ppl kicstarter backers and that would be fair for all. Beside that all this talk about who shoud get first reminds me early childchood…


Sure, why not, lets give to the very first backers that backed Pimax, cuz you’re in top 10 first backers right. NO.