VoodooDe: Unboxing Acer OJO 500 - The new VR headset for 449€

Seems like a really cheap/crappy device even without turning it on.

Too little, too late… :wink:


Same old boring junk, it’s unbelivable to me that this year not a single one of the VR manufacturers have introduced any significant improvement since the first WMR headsets, almost three years ago now…except maybe Valve who has revolutionized the VR controllers opening up newer interaction possibilities.

And if I look at what direction Oculus/FB are aiming, makes me sick…they are aiming only at summon a dark agenda of a dystopian future aimed to gain the complete control of the market, the net and any other aspect of people’s life.

Better give our focus to who still have the ability to dream … and dream free…

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Tl/dw? Not a concurrent I would guess…?

Nope… :wink::+1: