Vorpx and Pimax 4k


Im waiting pimax 4k, i have a oculus cv1 touch and vorpx.
Vorpx work with pimax?
Any suggested to how let vorpx working with pimax?
Thank you


I haven’t used it myself but i do believe @jonnypanic has good experience using it with PiMax


For me Vorpx works, i use it with Arma3 and GTA5 but i can say that’s not really as good as native s VR and some time a little buggy.


It works, but I would not recommend it. I wasted too much time on VorpX never getting close to a native VR experience.


Have yous tried Revive? Its free & @Enopho has used it on games like dying light.


How well it works depends on what games you want to play. Some games work great, others not so great.
It was worth it for me because I like Bioshock, and in vr it is incredible.UE3 games work well. Source engine games are good too.
Check the forums to see if your favourite games are supported.
It also does SBS 3D and vr desktop theatre. I prefer using the theatre to steamvr menu. Ordinary 2d games look great with the ambient colours.
So yeah I recommend it if the price is acceptable. It is a bit expensive, but will enable you to play a lot more games in vr with some effort.


Revive isnt like vorpx, it just enables Oculus games on steamvr. It is great though, yeah.


Actually it can inject vr into non vr games. @Enopho reported using revive on Dying Light (non vr game)

Revive has 2 options to patch & inject as well as import oculus games.


Dying Light has old Oculus support, which is why it works. Pretty sure the injector is just a wrapper that launches the game with revive, and some form of native support is necessary, mostly old mods that use OC 0.4+


Cool thanks. Hopefully they expand it


Think that isn’t their intention. Some of vorpxs features can be gotten through Vireio, Tridef and Reshade. Reshande is free but it only does 3d, Vireio only for Fallout 4, Tridef is paid and has very old and buggy VR support, so still there isn’t much that can compete with Vorpx, with all its faults.


It works very, very well in Osiris New Dawn.

I think it might be fine in Dying Light, but I cocked up the settings re the sensitivity of head movement, so need to revisit that!

Using vorpX, it does not always connect (vorpX hooking the game), usually resulting in a crash, but you just need to keep at it, and it will work in the end. Sometimes it does connect first time!


i tried with leap n vorpx for vr games~
but it’s sucks~
i never success to use it…
just buffering too much n stop… i have to reboot pc…
i don’t understand some guy playing with them (i saw in utube~), but it’s not for me…
someone can help me~~?!??


Try turning off FluidSync in the vorpx ingame options.
Vorpx can work very well in some games, depends on your system and how you set it up.
I just tried out Vorpx with Leap and it works well in Bioshock.


I use VorpX for a couple of years already successfully for many games.
If you are ready to configure and tweak you can make almost any game playable in VR.
Yes, at the beginning it seems complicated, but VorpX is a very complex software with a lot of features like button mapping between VR-controller, keyboard and xbox-controller, even ingame VR-buttons, etc., etc!

I read often that this software is crap, but i can asure you, that i do not want to miss it because it makes all my favorites and many more 2D games for me perfectly playable in 3D. Most of them in geometry-3D, all i tried so far (sure 50+ games) in z-buffer-3d.

The most important setting to turn off is liquid sync, which cuts framerate in half and inserts a fake interpolated frame. Which is fine to turn on if you have fps-stutter for some reason. But i so far never had a case where the experience was better when on. Maybe a feature good for low-end gfx-cards. I play with a 1080ti, and a i7-7700k, so i mostly hit my target of 50fps+ in 2560x1440 res geometry 3d. In z-3d i am always at 60fps.

The games i play right now are Fallout4 (looks amazing in g3d, i often just run around to enjoy the environment), The Witcher1 (tried also 2 and 3 but wanna finish them in sequence), Borderlands 1,2,3 in multiplayer with my Son (great fun), and many more just for fun to experience them in VR. Like yesterday the solus project. Did run it first in native VR for hours just to find out that it is - at least for me - more fun and playable in 2d with VorpX.

I am in no way affiliated with VorpX development. I am a honest fan of that piece of software because it let me experience so many great moments in VR!

Edit: i should add, that i prefer to play in cinema mode (a floating screen in front of me) with ambiant lights or dark, so that when i turn my head i see the rest of the screen right or left. So the distance to the virtual screen is pretty close (in menu around 0.5 and 0.7, depends on game), which makes me feel like i am inside the game. Then i do not need the „edge-peek“- feature (middle mouse button) for seeing the egdes of the screen. I just turn my head and see everything clearly…

I played for many years in 3d-vision, which is also a great 3d-experience. But since i use the 4k i really enjoy to play in VorpX-VR-3d - much better :wink:


The Solus Project has official VR support. Or do you prefer it in Vorpx? In VR that game is incredible, especially with motion controls.


Yes. I prefer to play with VorpX.

But i have to say, that i never tried it with motion controls. I like to play old „old style“ with xbox-controller or kb/mouse. In native VR there is something wrong with looking at my PDA. Even if i look all the way down to look at my PDA i see only the top 60% of it - very unconfy.

With VorpX i do not have this problem. With motion controllers this should be also be okay - i guess the PDA is then bound to my left controller. I have to try with my rift/touch…


I think the PDA problem is a Pimax driver problem. I had that too, on Pimax 1.2+. It never happened on 1.1.92. Something to do with FOV I think, on old drivers the FOV seemed larger. So with the rift it should be good, or yeah just use motion controls. I kind of regret playing it with a normal controller because motion controls make it seem much more real. Great game regardless though.

Unrelated, but a quick tip: On The Solus Project, make sure to pick up the parts as you go, otherwise you will regret it later on like I did.


Work fine, as SteamVR(HTC vive)


@jonnypanic or anyone who knows how…
Hi Bro, I been trying to play games (eg: Farcry 3, Bioshock, etc) with Vorpx and Oculus through Pimax 4K (Pimax mode) and nothing seens to work, Vopx message says that does not find oculus HMD, even putting in General Config (in Vorpx) the Oculus Rift device. Please, Do you know how to make them work ??

NOTE: I want to compare which mode is the best with Vorpx… Oculus (Pimax mode) or Steam VR (Pimax mode) .