Vorpx and Pimax 4k


I only use steamvr (vive) mode in vorpx. I use revive for anything Oculus related, which is in steamvr mode anyway. So I am not sure how or if it is possible to get Oculus mode on vorpx working. I had limited success with the Pimax software running Oculus games so I don’t bother with it.
Maybe someone else has a better idea?


I’m a new user in this forum and I have bought my pimax in January (in Finland) and I have tested many things with my own.

I have VorpX and every single one of the games works right what I have by VorpX. Sometimes you need to set “-steamvr” command in the “startup-commands section” for the game in Steam.

And In VorpX, you must set your “General Selection” to the SteamVR. This selection will work even your game is on Origin or somewhere else.

Also Virtual Desktop is the best software for example to watch 360 degrees youtube-videos. Just copy&paste the link in the VD and let the software do the job.

Only one game doesn’t work and it’s Project Cars 2 and I’m pissed :smiley:
I really don’t want to reinstall my Win10.
And for the record; Pimax-Support does already know my issue. It has been consulted by email messaging.

Shortly in my very first message; Pimax 4k is incredible hardware for VR experience. I have been very happy with quality of firmware PiPlay 2.0.7 so far. I have not tested older ones because my Win10 won’t allow them to be installed in.
And there is even newer one of the PiPlay but it has very bad feedback about ghosting, so I’m not going to even test it before Technical team will upgrade it to the stable condition.

Thanks. This is my first post in this forum :smiley:


Welcome to the pimax forums! :v::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


I Used to run vorpX with both my rift and my vive with the corresponding oculus and steamvr setting in vorpX-setting without problems. But since i own a samsung odyssey both of them collect dust. Even WMR works fine through steamvr with the steamvr setting in vorpX and the visual quality is much better because of the higher resolution display.

I had better fluidity with using oculus than steamvr together with vorpX, mainly because of oculus asw, which htc lacks of.

So you should contact Ralph of vorpX in his forum. He is known to respond quick and then he will look into it.


Project Cars 1&2 have a native VR mode which you should use. I did compare vorpX and native with my Rift in the early days with Project Cars 1 and native was a better experience. Mainly because of wrong/missing shadows and performance.

You should always use the native VR mode of a game because of these reasons. The shadows and performance issue you can „fix“ with „fake“ z-buffer-3d instead of geometry (i use z3d for far cry primal and FO4), but in general geometry 3d is easier on the eyes and the way to go.


Half Life 2 Cinematic Mod is especially awesome in Vorpx Geometry 3D