VorpX vs TriDef VR


Please Tell me! Can i use VorpX or TriDef VR with my Pimax 4K? if i can use which one you suggest to me? Please Tell me quick


VORPX is the way to go, Tridef practically has not support (updates) for new games. I had both.


Thank you but VorpX is doesn’t support Euro Truck Simulator 2 and this is the my favorite game


But i bought now VorpX


may be it will support it in future


You can try ETS 2 with other game profile (same game engine).


vorpX is not needed for VR Support in ATS/ETS2.

Right-click ETS2 in Steam Library and choose Properties.

Select the Betas Tab and from the dropdown options, choose, Oculus/Vive - 1.32

Right-click ETS2 in Steam Library/Properties and choose Set Launch Options.

Add -openvr and select OK.

Have SteamVR running, launch ETS2 and it should show up in the HMD but Menu navigation will have to be done from Monitor.

In the Graphics options, increase Scaling to 200+ for better quality if GPU can handle it.

VR should work once loaded into world.


thank you so much i did it CMM


Tridef went out of business. Their activation servers went down when the company did, so the installer no longer works.