VR at Mobile World Congress 2018


Varjo has patented a lot more methods to project the microdisplay.

And it will be for AR too.
Varjo Announces AR Pass-through Capability for Its ‘Bionic Display’ Headset


Hehe there must be some communication error between us @Cdaked I don’t see any moving mirrors in the video?


0:42 - 0:46 mirror moving and shining. Do not expect it to be like the mirror in your bathroom.


Ah, yes, gotcha now. But isn’t this something different? Isn’t this the method they use to disperse the beam to your eyes? I think this mirror therefore can be a lot smaller than a mirror used to change your view. And therefore easier to move quickly. Then again I’m not familiar with this tech.


AdHawk reads from the eye, Varjo reflects (or projects) images to the eye.


But there’s a big difference there. To read from the eye you only need a miniscule mirror to direct the beam. On the other hand the eye needs to look at the mirror directly, so it must be much bigger and thus much more difficult to rotate at that high speed


Maybe they draw pixel after pixel, line after line. I don’t know.


Jugón Virtual and the HTC Vive Pro:
Improved image, sound and ergonomics. Still has glare, but reduced. Truly better, but a 1.5 version more than a 2.0.


thanks , what I would like to see is vive vs vive pro thru lenses photo/video comparison with the same supersampling settings on gtx 1080/1080 ti and second test vive orginal SS 2.0 (new 4.0) and vive pro SS 1.5 (3.0) that should keep similar performance.


VIVE just released the PRO, I bought it but I’m still frustrated with the resolution, better than the previous one, but if they throw something close to 8K, it was already for any competitor. So my hope is that PIMAX will soon launch that 8K and get out the front.
With this unfulfilled promise of an 8K launch, it is clear that competitors are also racing to launch VR with better resolution.


Well, if you were disappointed with the resolution of the Vive Pro, you may have to prepare yourself for being underwhelmed by the 8K too - depending on which aspect exactly disappointed you.

The rendered ppi of the input received from the PC will not be significantly higher with the 8K.
What will be significantly better is the SDE, ideally the visible ppi if the upscaler really does a good job and takes advantage of the higher physical ppi of the 8K, and of course the FoV.


By Stefan Nicola and Joe Mayes Mobile World Congress , the wireless industry’s biggest conference, begins next week in Barcelona. Samsung has displayed a range of VR experiences at MWC 2018. Each one is very different, allowing you to take control of a dinosaur LCD projectors. DLP stands for Digital Light Processing, which defines a technology that uses chips made from tiny mirrors