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The above pic is the Unity Chan Demo. Pressing spacebar displays inside the headset. The above pic was taken of the screen mirror on monitor (not through the lens).

This is also called Unity Chan Candy Rockstar.

@DKruohuo this might be a cool demo to load up on the 8k through the lens series.

Recommended Computer Specs for Pimax 8k

Could you explain what the Unity Chan Candy Rockstar dose !!!



Just a demo that displays alot of info when you press spacebar as shown in pic above.

Otherwise just features a manga girl dancing around demoing lighting, reflections etc…


Thanks alot…



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awesomeness. btw the dev seems to be a nice guy. he picked up a suggestion that I been asking voodoo whether the dev may implement it. now I‘ll bench the crap outta my games :slight_smile: