Vr gloves instead of vive controllers


I have a rift I will have to buy vive controllers, I ask if anyone has knowledge of a vr glove brand that can interface with 5k + and x—plane 11.
Is this possible ?
they work?


theres a few if you google them i think


I suggest you to try CaptoGlove


Ok thanks, i think in the last they’re those. I’m waiting for the update they promised for today, then let’s see if they made their big leap in quality.


@MarcoBalletta has the Captogloves that @Jedai mentions.


Are u sure you are not confused with the vrfree?

Vrfree should supposedly release today an update to make their glove work in steamvr.
Let’s see

As for captogloves , they do not work in steamvr for now and it is not sure when they will release the update that would make the catogloves work in steamvr


Hi guys, i have the captogloves and ve vrfree gloves.

None of the gloves that are on the market work with games in steamvr and can replace the vive controllers.

Leap motion in conjunction with drivers (leap4driver or leap for steamvr) can replace the vive controllers in games

I have been using the functionality of captogloves for crearing other devices , like wasd shoes and i can use also the gloves to resemble some sort of hand use in non vr games and vr games that support wasd. This use of the gloves , is different that really use hands in vr through gloves


If they don’t update on the steam VR, we have to refund CaptoGlove. This is a breach of their promise. Why don’t we send an e-mail to Captoglove together?


I have been sending emails to captogloves for a year now giving feedback on the software and asking for that update for steamvr.

In end, i was not able to make happen what is not there yet . It will be the same when we try together.

Other gloves promise the same …steamvr integration, but none of them have delivered that yet.

Today it should be the day where vrfree releases their update for steamvr integrarion.

I do not see anything on that sense on their page yet.



The new update that gives vrfree gloves steamvr support is out!

Trying it tonight!


Thanks, Marco for your updates !
We follow you.


My fingers are tracked as the leap motion and when my hands move , the vive trackers move. So we get hands and finger tracking in steamvr. I need to try in game. The batteries of the gloves died because i have never charged them. I will test in a few hours.

The initial calibration of the gloves and sensor on the headset is annoying and tedious. I hope it is a 1 time calibration as 1st setup


waiting for news !
So… they are only this to buy for now.


Hi, long time no see.
Do you use CaptoGlove recently?
Updated to use SteamVR. I tried SteamVR.
But there are too many problems in tracking. Sometimes tracking is lost and location re-calibration is very often required.
If you’ve solved this problem, please give me a good solution.


Hi. I have not use them to play in steamvr. I am trying to use vrfree gloves in steamvr but i am having calibration issues because the hands are offset on the right and not at the center of my headset