VR Movie Player


strange, using the latest lav and Settings set (amd Card) to copy back did the trick for me.
seems to me like LAV is not set to be actually used on your system?
yes deoVR works fine but in terms of picture quality there is a huge difference, at least on vive and rift.
probably the differences are less significant on your vive pro / pimax 4k ?


What do you mean with that? I just installed it like they said on that website


I once had the issue that filters were installed but not beeing used because a different previously installed filterpack was active for playback. Right now I have the opposite problem… I need ffdshow for reclock but since I installed LAV, ffdshow does not seem to work anymore. So if using LAV fixed the 5k issue for me and not for you, it’s likely to assume that SPVR
does not make use of LAV on your system even though it’s installed?


Selected “NVIDIA CUVID” after installation?
Also you need to select DirectShow in Simple player’s settings.


LOL, thanks, I hadn’t even noticed the ‘super advanced settings’ in the pulldown menu. I selected ‘directshow’ and now it works, thanks mate!


Yes, DirectShow of course :slight_smile: Happy my advices were helpful.

And did you compare quality with “Super Enhance” turned on against another players? I’m curious how they made so big enhancements which make picture significantly better than usual supersampling.


I’ve been fooling around with whirligig lately (see update) you’re no longer bound to keyboard Input.


Super Enhance is still a mistery what/how it does but it seriously significantly improves quality without beeing too heavy on hardware (does take its little toll though) love it.
curious what sjefdeklerk is gonna say about it now that 5k on SPVR works :slight_smile: pls let me know if u find anything that u still prefer on Deo (exept beeing used to it) :slight_smile:


Yeah it’s really nice. It does come at quite a performance hit though, 5k/hvec drops to 42 fps here instead of 90 when I select it. Does work at 90 fps for 4k vids though. Really nice


1). 90fps? How? Don’t you use Pimax 4K for videos?
2). I have 1070 and never had fps dropped lower than 60 on P4K (with super enhance turned on). Even on 5k hevc videos.
But tried today and found out that fps is around 35-40. Seems steamvr updated smth (I’m on 1.1.92). I went to settings, tried few things, and finally unticked “Allow interleaved reprojection” and fps became 60 again. I not noticed any quality decreases.


Has anybody tried SVP with Simple VR Player? Is it possible to interpolate 60fps to 90fps smoothly? Also, is it possible to fill the black space outside the frame of 180º videos? I thought SVP can do this as well (kind of virtual ambient light).


Ah, sorry, didnt mention that, I’m on a Vive Pro for the time being


It is possible to use SVP with Simple VR Player and interpolate to 90fps, but it requires pretty much from your computer. I have ryzen 1800x + 1080ti and it works quite well but i noticed lagging and such with 5k videos and above.

What i have found to be most working solution for me, is to transcode the video file with SVP to HEVC 90/FPS. This way it doesn’t cripple your GPU that much and playback is much smoother.


For everyone that does not want to read through the whole topic :slight_smile:

So after many comparsions I decided to pick the only 4 apps that can be taken seriously and provide a one on one chart.

New SweViver video: Pimax 8k or 5k+ for watching movies & videos?

Interpolate from 60 to 90 is not going to work smoothly without
tools like reclock. For best results you need fps footage which multiple results in the desired target fps

(sorry for my bad math-english)

for example:
24fps reclocked to 30 fps multiple 3 to achieve 90 fps,
otherwise audio gets jagged (pitchy, not sync) and/or microstutters appear more or less obvious.

So theoretically (I’m no pro on that subejct though)
you would need to cut the 60 in half first to achieve this.
But then the loss is probably more then gain…

Best solution for cases like this is gsync or freesync but i don’t know whether this is working on HMDs. I guess this is exactly why plp on the forum ask for an adjustable refreshrate feature for the 8k.


Those options are not available for VR (at least at this time).


That’s Awesome! Thankyou.


Indeed its too bad Nvidia won’t use free standards due to Amd releasing them.


Unfortunaly it would not work with for example 24fps footage since the range of gsync and freesync starts usually around 40fps+
I had to mod my freesync screen to actually make it start from 42 instead of 53… which is a better sweetspot. It’s not a must but a nice feature as it works and adapts on the fly, benefits in games when fps varies. Setting a different fixed refreshrate (other than only 45) would at least be sufficient for movies that come with steady fps and perfect for 60fps movies.


I asked this same question previously and is something I really want to understand as well.

I use the Pimax 4K with no controllers and AUTOPLAYER VR is by far the best despite it being absolutely no frills - sometimes less is more.

I mainly watch VR SBS 4K/5K videos which requires 360/180 tracking and AutoplayerVR does the job perfect. There are only a few issues in that it doesnt have a zoom function so I can get the video to match real life - I think the reason why this is necessary speaks for itself.

I’ve used the more full featured players but find they all have issues in one way or another, eg. not playing certain video formats with Win8.1, requiring hands/controllers (again speaks for itself), multi-screen to switch videos, etc etc.

I really hope PIMAX will have AutoplayerVR support the 8K with its dual LED Panel and 180/360 deg. tracking as the software works well with the Plmax 4K but I am not sure if it will support the videos you download off the net which is designed for VIVE and Oculus Rift in mind, which is only a single panel screen.