VR Treadmill Support


Currently all VR Treadmills require developers to add sdk support. However if Pimax added a way for these treadmill controllers to send controls back into the Pimax controller they would work with any game that supports full locomotion.

I know it’s unlikely Pimax will add this feature but I sure wish they would.


I prefer standards that work on all headset over proprietary implementations

This method can be expanded to support treadmills, trackers and any other motion system.


A company called if mem serves “Boundless” was at Immersed in Toronto event and is working on a few methods for locomotion.

Some users have been reported using vive/valve tracking pucks to track more of the body. However we would need a v2.0 puck to be compatiable with v2.0 lighthouses.

This would be a great idea to explore making their own v2.0 tracking puck as it could be utilized to bring laser head tracking to the BE & 4k models as an addon in 3 skus.

1 Tracking puck
2 Tracking puck with 1 to 2 lighthouse
3 same as above but with 1 to 2 controllers.

Then of course dev packages with multiple pucks… So guess 4 skus. Lol

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Of course this idea would need to be released at a later date probably no sooner than May 2018?


Dance Revolution like pad comes to mind. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Thank you for posting this, I was unaware this existed. I will have to look into getting this working for my treadmill.


We have opened interface of the Pimax SDK driver, and developers can use the Pimax SDK to connect their own devices.