Vrfree glove system



Not sure. I think it is like the captogloves in combination with leap motion unit? Or am I a bit to rash? Im not sure how to place this between the several VRglove systems. But I don’t think it fits on a Pimax headset, being there on the front of the HMD. It can be made that way, but I think it looks disturbing on a Pimax. (Where did my chevron go?)


Captoglove has it’s own captosensor in the gloves so I think it has already it’s own leap motion’s like sensor. But I think captosensor is still optimizing their firmware / software that should be ready probably before Christmas.

I am not sure how the 2 products would compare.

Probaboy on paper captoglove can do more than these gloves becasue captogloves has finger gestures/sensors with bending fingers and else . It is more versatile . But captogloves will be able to achieve more than probably many gloves , when they finish with their software .

Yes, I think u are right about the leap sensor of these gloves. It can’t probably hook on a pimax without any specific hook/connection to the pimax.