Vrfree glove system


I can’t give a knowledgable answer to that qustion because i never played that game since i do not like it.

My idea in general of gloves is to remove the need of a controller in those games when the controller is not always needed. If the game requires holding something all the time , then i understand your point


I was able to run the exorcist with the gloves in place of the vive controllers.

I am trying to fix some calibration issues with vrfree but the steamvr integration would make the game cool by using hands in place of vive controllers :slight_smile:

Despite not have set the control binding in steamvr specific for the game and the use of the vrfree gloves, i was able to do some in game interaction using had gestures :slight_smile:

It is not yet a 1 in 1 use of hands in a vr game because the game should be coded to work with hands input rather than a controller input and it is not, but the feeling for me is better than holding that annoying controller and clicking a button


The quesrion i have is why @Pimax-Support @PimaxUSA or whoever in pimax that can answer these questions , ignore the post?

Can someome of pimax help with the question about the screw size? I would like to mount the vrfree sensor using those holes/screws


@MarcoBalletta well the majority of the games you play in VR require you to hold something, be it sabers or a gun or a rifle or a bow and arrow or what have you. So without physically holding something in your hand in real life, it would feel awkward and sort of takes away the immersion. Which is why I’m wondering what does the product have to offer.

CMIIW but I honestly can see it being useful only in a handful of games like boxing games, climbey and the like.


We have 2 hands though and we hold usually somethig with 1 and interact with other things with the other . So 1 can come handy.