Walkovr - VR locomotion



Not sure if the ankle tracker will be popular. If one forgets to remove it before leaving the house.

Ppl may think your under House Arrest. :beers::joy::+1::sparkles:



Is it Better the vive trackers so they might think you have got some sort or mechanical/bionic extension to your foot :wink: ?!


Cyberpunk fans will like the cyborg look idea. Lol


I think the ankle sensors will do great! If they can emulate the vive trackers, I am all for it. Looks nice. You have any info on the experiences @MarcoBalletta?


I have ordered it and it should be delivered to me around December, hopefully earlier . I will let you know :slight_smile:


Update of August 2018



Yeah. Just as I had imagined it myself.
The advantage with the ankle sensors is that you dont have to put it around your shoes like vive sensors.
That makes it a bit more hygienic to use it by many people. You never know what people have been walking through outside, so an ankle sensor would be for me the preferred way of sensors.


It does not yet work for all games though. And I noticed some cables being attached to another pack on the back. I wonder what that is for. I thought it was wireless (bluetooth)


It should work for all the games But i Think they just did not test them all
You can message them and submit the game you wish it would work with and my understanding is that they would look into it and make specific game profile that they would put on their platform.

The box you see is some sort of box/transmitter that communicate with their software in the pc. It is like a center of tramsimmiom of the signal from all the sensors to the pc . They call it ā€œmain hubā€


I asked about the possibility of still using room scale for small movements in our play area and to that add the walking in place (using walkovr) for long distance movemets in the games.

See the answer :slight_smile: