Walkovr - VR locomotion


I have just received the test unit for walkovr !


Please give us a review :slight_smile:


Sure! I have to go to work soon and i will be working until late night.
I think i will be able to test it from tomorrow



I’m keen to hear what it’s like. Might make FPS games immersive enough to get regular play in my house.
Don’t know about Alien Isolation though. I’m likely to get a sudden fright, forget about the ‘on the spot’ part, run straight into my wall and knock myself out.


HAHA! That is funny :smiley:

I am going to test and let you know!


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It is hard to believe but TOMORROW, May 13 is the big day.

This is a REMINDER to those waiting for WalkOVR.

We were looking forward to this moment for a long while, and now, we need to spread our word as much as possible. Therefore I kindly request you to share our campaign, tomorrow on your social platforms, to let other VR enthusiasts know that World’s most compatible locomotion system is coming up.

Tomorrow VR will be better for many many people who seeks active gameplay, more immersive experience and less VR dizziness.

HTC Vive / Vive PRO, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality, Playstation VR, PIMAX, Oculus GO, Samsung Gear VR, and any mobile VR headset; no matter what you use, your VR experience will be way more immersive with WalkOVR.
Once again, succeeding quickly is very important for Kickstarter so if you can pledge quickly you will help both yourself and us.

Now our fingers crossed.

I’ll send one more reminder tomorrow, just before our launch moment.

We love you


Your fellow gamer
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Currently, we really need your help on sharing our words.

If you can share about WalkOVR it will decrease the burden on our shoulders. Your help will definitely improve the support, add-ons and maintenance we’ll provide in the future.

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Please have a look at what time we’ll be LIVE on Kickstarter in your time zone:

San Francisco - 07:00 AM

New York - 10:00 AM

London - 03:00 PM (15:00)

Berlin - 04:00 PM (16:00)

Paris - 04:00 PM (16:00)

Istanbul - 05:00 PM (17:00)

Moscow - 05:00 PM (17:00)

Beijing - 10:00 PM (22:00)

Tokyo - 11:00 PM (23:00)

Seoul - 11:00 PM (23:00)

on Monday, May 13th 2019
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We created a steam group specifically discuss about WalkOVR and the compatible games. What about joining in?
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Not sure if the ankle tracker will be popular. If one forgets to remove it before leaving the house

“hello Officer, this is my omnidirectional VR recreation device. Just in case you doubt me, I will stay 300 ft from any schools, hospitals, or places of business, and immediately return to my place of residence.”


With walkovr, you have wires connecting 5 sensors . 2 on the ankles , 2 on the legs and 1 on the chest.
If you forget to remove that, at that point you forget to remove also your headset from your head…


I just backed it Backer <20 :slight_smile:


Their Kickstarter campaign is live right now, just backed :smiley:

check it out


Congrats Marco… how in the world did you get them to send you one? I too pre-ordered a LONG TIME ago and they didn’t send me one!!! Oh well… but even though they told me that I didn’t need to worry about being an early Kickstarter backer that I would get priority shipping… I still backed it early… #2! Let us know what you think of it. Thanks…


Me too… :+1::wink:


Backed anyone know how to change address on Kickstarter account?


Yes Heliosurge. There will be a survey then you can change your addresses. Also before shipment, your addresses will be verified via survey.


I don’t think you can change the address until after the campaign finishes and they do the survey. Another way to verify is to Email them… I have on several occasions and they have been very responsive to me… tugra.sahiner@walkovr.com


Okay cool. Been awhile thought Kickstarter itself had a place to enter address. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

Wish my pocket was deeper; would have liked to back a higher package.

Also would be able to get LHes that pimax is & isn’t making.


Thanks bumped your user level.


We in germany have something called ebay marketplace, some private trade platform without fees Maybe you can look for LH on such a platform and sell it when you receive the Pimax LH’s…
At least thats my “plan”…


We have that here as well. Along with other avenues. EBay has gone somewhat downhill after they sold paypal.

But prices are still high on thoss items. Really need to see if we can get v1 lightbouses manufactured by a thirdparty if do able.

Wonder how the russian tracking system coming along…

That or a camera system peiced together for wmr like inside out.

Wonder if that expensive structure sensor has any advances.