Walkovr - VR locomotion


But its good that v1 is compatible with knuckels and index, so the price will be stable for a resell…


Truth if one is wise & buys a v1 lighthouse it’s better to keep it. As it can be used with v1 & v2 tracking.

Vive Wands v1 & v2
Tracking Puck v1 & v2
Index v2
Pimax sword v2

Keeping 1 or 2 og Lighthouses is good for a perm setup & gives options if things like v1 trackers sell cheap.

V2 LHes simply allows easier setups for on the go & larger scale setups. But 4get any v1 acessories.


So then sell the v2 from Pimax instead :slight_smile:


True but both have different benefits. If I do eventuslly find v1 for reasonable price will use for a perm setup & v2 for on the run.


I have received a test unit because since the 1st time i bought the walkovr on their website (when it was for sale), i was keeping asking so often to not give up and keep working on it and go forward with the whole project.
What i received is just a test unit to give feedback . The final unit will be an optimized version of thr test unit and even better after hearing all the suggestions from who got the test units and from backers


Thank Marco… yea, I pre-ordered it many many months ago as well and was supposed to receive the unit back in early December after waiting several months. Only to receive an email from them 2 weeks before the ETA saying that they were going to go the Kickstarter route instead and refunded my money minus $10. Hopefully… they’ll be close to their Kickstarter ETA, but I wouldn’t hold my breathe. It’s hard after funding this project just about a year ago that now others who didn’t (youtubers) are getting to use it while I still wait. Hopefully it will be worth it!!!


Your efforts & support of VR is awe inspiring. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

Nice find.


Thank you so much @Heliosurge . For sure i can say the same and more about you. We had a lot of chats together talking about different ideas and your knowledge was clearly great and inspiring :slight_smile:

Talking about ideas we talked about together , i have received 1 of the 2 projectors and 2 projectors panels.
I want to see if the idea of the “dome” with 2 and then 4 projectors projecting the same game play, would actually be somehow cool.

I am planning maybe to shoot a 360 degree video inside that play area surrounded by screen projectors and use walkovr and icubex to walk to play in non vr games :slight_smile:
I would have full 360 degree headtracking either with the captosensor set as mouse or the cinemizer tracker


That definitely sounds like an awesome project. Look forward to hearing how it goes. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


@Heliosurge With problems as usual lol

  1. when I set the pc video setting to “duplicate this display” to have the pc screen duplicated in the projector 's screen, the image is all shrink both on my pc and on the procetor screen :frowning:

Do u have any idea how to fix that?

  1. i think i will have hard time to find a location to put the projectors so that if i move around i would not block the light coming from the projector.
    Have you heard of any solution for that ?


You may need to adjust display scaling. If you have done what we did with pimax. We turned off display scaling in Nvidia control panel. The projector likely has a feature to stretch image to fit as well.

As for positioning projector so one would not block streams would be a somewhat difficult. One method would be to use rear projection to screens, but then you would need a considerable size room to insert a cubicle screen room.

Something that could work (but is not projectors) would be samsung’s microled wall TV. But that would definitely be a very expensive project.


Thank you ! I am trying now the suggestions about turning off display scaling in Nvidia control panel.

Why did u do that for pimax?


With Pimax; don’t recall off hand but believe it was causing some games issues.

Generally now a days monitors will scale lower res to native panel res/size.


I still have the same issue :frowning:

When i click on duplicate, my pc screen shrink


Not sure. @Neoskynet @Davobkk @cdaked might know some tricks for pc with Projector.


Short throw projectors mounted on ceiling, very close to wall throwing image onto wall.

The projector vr room I experienced just used fairly normal throw projectors mounted high above in centre of room. We had to get quite close to the wall before we interrupted the light. With short throw projectors you could make it so you never block the light.


It seems your suggestion worked but the quality is horrible on the pc screen.
The moment i click on duplicate , the resolution is lowered to point that everything looks horrible on my pc screen


If it’s mirroring the projector & the projector’s native res is lower than your pc monitor. Would likely not look as good.


Oh. So what I see on my pc screen is due to the lower video quality of the projector .
Hence even the quality projected on the wall is bad because of the low quality of the projector ?

If the quality of the projector would be better the quality on my screen would be better too?


I just quick skipped the issue, so don’t be mad if I got it wrong. Connecting different devices with different resolution, aspect ratio and refresh rate on the same gpu leads to troubeling compromises if the pannels are beeing used simultaniously, especially cloning. So u might try to use a 2nd gpu (onboard) for that or a 2nd old cheapo gpu that you still may have. Or display-hubs can control the pannels separately in order to run run each pannel/device in the matching specs.