Walkovr - VR locomotion


Hi ! So using a simple 4 way hdmi splitter to split the hdmi output of the pc in 4 hdmi that go to 4 identical projectors , would not work ?

What problems I would face ?


Hi! Sorry i missed your reply. Are short throw projectors expensive?
I would need 4 short throw projectors, for 4 × 100" projector panels


I temporarily mounted the 2 panels and the 2 projectors. I was just setting them at low height to see the effect. They are not set up high to the cealing and in the center. Also the 2 panels are not at the same hight and also 1 projectror is closer to the panel and hence the projected game looks smaller on screen campared to the other projector. I probably would not even have the space in my livingroom to set them at the center.
I might be forced to put them at the opposite side of where each panel is, but then i might be in the way of the light :frowning:

Can we connect 4 projectors to 1 pc?
Is there anyone that tried this Usb-To-Bluetooth-Convert-Adapter?

I think they’re available in different ranges. Here’s just the first top 10 on google search, I’m imagining being suggested for movie watching. There’s cheaper ones about too, of course with quality to match most of the time.


Maybe this video helps a bit ???


Or this …


Yes, but the point is that i am trying to have 4 panels 360 degree around me.

Like in my video i have 2 projectors set at an angle of 90 degree one in respect to the other , but with no gap between 1 panel and another ( in my video i have a gap in between panels).
In the end it would be 4 panels in a rectangulare or square shaped play area.

That is the hope, but with the projectors i have, it might not work because they are not UTS projectors


Expensive for getting 4 of them :frowning:


The test unit of walkovr that i have works on oculus quest , in both keyboard mode and game controller mode.



Hi Marco. Thanks for the video. It shows strafing and tilting features of Walkovr very well :+1: