War Dust vs Stand Out and Vive controller compatability



I bought Gun Heart and it is absolutely a Pain in the Ass to move around with the Vive controllers, I was told it was an Oculus game and that might be why. So any of yall play War Dust or Stand Out with the Vive controllers?? How are the ergonomics and how do you like the vive controllers with those two games?/ Thanks!! :beers:


Vive controllers work sweet with both games as both were written to play on vive controllers


Good to hear, thanks for the reply! Would you recommend one over the other for me as someone that likes a small learning curve


Both are good depends if you prefer team based battlefield clone or playuer unknown last man standing type,wardust is better and gets more love imo


I like solo work myself. Not much into online gaming as I used to be.


It looks like Stand Out might be more of a solo adventure??


stand out is like the pubg of vr itd be a good experience if you like playing by yourself not needing to communicate to other players.


Cool, thx, I just downloaded last night :beers:


hope you have fun!!!