War Thunder 'Helicopter' test flight in Pimax 4k



I’m new to Helicopter flying, but have always wanted a good heli sim… war thunder is not a real sim, but the flight models are fun…, found the test flight Helicopters in the Research option in War Thunder. damn they are good! and you can get a good feeling of a proper flight model.

some footage of my last flight.



Sweet, Ill bet that game looks sweet in a 5K+ or 8K. I have 5K+ and still nothing beats the SDE on theP4K. It REALLY disappears!!


Have you had any luck with getting replacement lens for your P4K??


Nope… Still waiting… Not even a message to say you can’t get them… It’s like support tickets drop into a black hole. I’m not even getting a reply from Dallas anymore! I’m losing faith in the support system.


I just opened a can of soupen on them! So now that i have a ticket maybe they will take it more seriously. Though I wont hold my breath. Maybe when they get caught up little wit the backers they will have some free time for the old schoolers


I have had an open ticket for weeks with no reply… Don’t count on that being the final thing on this matter…

I think they are not selling 4k lens and don’t want to tell us

… Too focused on the 5 and 8k models. They seemed to have forgotten their 4k customers… No software updates, no lens upgrades/replacements, no customer service… It’s a real shame.


@Sean.Huang & @xunshu can you look into Eno’s support request? And give an update on p4k. It has been awhile since any news or updates even on the the p4k v2?

I haven’t seen @Dallas.Hao post anything yet… So he might not be back yet.