War thunder one eye low rez



Hey all,
I don’t know how to fix this issue in WT and the pimax 8k.

Left eye clear as day but the right eye looks likes it’s running at 480p.

Anyone have a fix?
.vive works great
.Other games work great.


Try turning off fixed foveated rendering in the Pitool settings.


Could give you a big wet kiss… Thanks bro


Your welcome.
I see an Aussie flag by your name. I’m a kiwi WT pilot, flying with an Australian based squadron (=R4T= Rat Patrol). KenZed is also my pilot name and we use Discord for coms.
Are you in a squadron? If not, have a fly out with us. Otherwise, send me a friend request.
Cool bro.


Thanks bro, when I get my next gaming night ill add you and go for a fly :slight_smile: