Warthunder Unplayable 1.1.92


Hey all just wanted to say that I have a bug report open with warthunder on the stereo split being incorrect.

Please add to it at:

It seems like most people don’t have this issue? Any guidance on fixes?

Sorry for somewhat double posting but figured would get more views here vs support forum:


Anyone else getting this?


pimax v 1.2.53 no problems


Odd, Credo could you give more details? FW Steam VR Beta? GPU Card & Drivers?

Thanks for the reply!


I watched War Thunder from a friend.
Computer settings: Windows 7, NVIDIA 1060 GTX with the latest drivers, I do not know the processor Intel, steamvr is not beta.
The artifact was the same, but only on the monitor screen with glasses was a clear image.


I have tried Non-beta Steam VR. GTX 1070 now running new drivers, same problem. If people could chime in what FW version they are using and whether or not they have the issue that would be great. Possible problem with


Hi Lonny, have you tested it in Piplay 1.2.53 & Firmware Please let us know.
The latest Piplay version: [Release]PiPlay Download


Yes Piplay 1.1.92 and 1.2.53 (both using FW

Steam VR beta and non beta.

GTX970 and 1070 using newest drivers.

War Thunder regular and WIP client always the same.