Was returning the product (problem solved by the lovely forum members)


wow, I don‘t have a 4k but seeing all this welcoming help from all those very capable people on the forum makes me feel a lot easier about the software issues that are about to come with the 8k. Keep up the good work guys, you are the reason this forum is not only about the haters.

#23 atm i beleive is best.


So do you recomend uninstalling the 2.0.5, doing all the “cleanup” procedures and installing this one? Will the auto update give me this version or the 3.0.X?


The auto update is apt to download v3.x. 3 has increased ghosting & performance issues.

There us a couple of links above that should have

Should be fine to update. Just be sure to exit piplay & use taskmanager to ensure piplay & pi servers are killed.


@Heliosurge is correct the auto update takes you to 3.x. You can download directly and install it over the top of your existing piplay.

I use this version and the only issue I get is I need to unplug the USB and plug it back in to the same port for the led to sit in blue colour. And its ready to use.

Is it an inconvince yes… But the benefits outweigh this issue