WATCH Elite Dangerous Gameplay with VR Ultra Settings & Piplay at 3.0


Hi All,

I was hoping to give you the through the lens video which i promised to @Davobkk, @Heliosurge @Pimax-Support @xunshu and a few others (too many to post) but when the camera arrived it was defective!, so i am trying to arrange a RMA… bugger!!

So rather than wait (for i don’t know how long) i did some recording anyway (using screen capture in high res), using latest piplay at render 3, & Brightness Maxed.

all resolutions up to 4K are there now.

As promised I took footage from all the high graphics intensive areas with Piplay render at 3.0 and ED running on VR Ultra settings to give you a taste of what it can do. As soon as the new camera gets here i will surly do the same kind of video but through the lens. I’m just sorry its not this time :frowning:

Also note that the Nvidea driver 384.94 is 100% better than the latest Nvidia driver (which causes me micro stutters in normal space and big stutters in high graphics areas even using VR Medium!!) Definatly an issue when using a Aourus GTX1080ti but the older driver is buttery smooth even on VR Ultra.



Pimax 8K requires 1.75 SS to Match 5K+ Sharpness (in ED at least)

Looks absolutely amazing. Just makes me all the more eager for my 8K unit, but I have to wonder what settings I can use with my setup:

Shuttle SZ270R8
Core i7-7700K at stock 4.2Ghz
64Gb Hyper-X DDR-4 2400 Dual Channel Ram
Dual Samsung 960 PRO M2 SSD (512Gb Boot, 2Tb Data)
MSI Air Boost Radeon Vega 56 8G OC

Any Suggestions?


Hi Robert,

You have a Vega 56 8GB which would be equivalent to something like a 1060 or 1060ti.
the rest of your specs are very good… and although i cant comment on the 8k unit … you would be able to run ED on VR HIGH at least.

I would defiantly use the older nvidia driver (384.94) as the later drivers defiantly cause micro stutters in vr games. where as the older drive is buttery smooth.
go with the latest piplay drivers and start your render at 2.25… if all is well… increase to 2.5 etc until you start to feel a little bit of FPS drop… if you dont feel any FPS drop then increase the in game vr setting.

But the Render slider in Piplay gives you the better visuals… the game setting enhance it further.

To be fair i was shocked that i was able to run ED in VR Ultra with Piplay at 3.0 and still be able to record at 4k as well! - the youtube video is best played at 4k, when you get to the ice rings you will see why :slight_smile:



Aa a rough compare try the SteamVR Performance test & compare results with ones in this link.


Actually, with design and factory Overclock it is falling between a high-end 1070 and a low to mid range 1080.

Since it is an AMD card I am already running the latest drivers (Adreneline 18.2.1) and am seeing some beautiful things so far. I am able to play ED on Full Ultra at 3840x2160 resolution without any performance hits. With my old card (RX 580 Nitro+) I was having problems maintaining steady 1440p resolution as temps got too darned high and the fan design was dumping a lot of heat into the case an cooking the rest of my PC (its a SFF build) . Made the switch over to this card and my CPU temps are back in line since it uses a blower design which gets the heat OUT of my case.

@Heliosurge, How would I go about attaching the report? I went ahead and ran it as you suggest and am getting happy things from the results. Quality rock solid on Very High, Avg. Quality 11 (Very High), 11422 Frames Tested, 0 below 90 fps, 1 CPU Bound


All we did was post our specs & screenshot the steamvr perf test. I my case i used my phone.


OK, got it figured out. Also cross posted my specs over on the other thread you mentioned.

Bottom line this PC was designed, tweaked, built and implemented for oen purpose - to play ED in a Pimax 8K as well as I possibly could. All I am waiting for (as patiently as possible) is the headset to complete the build.


Then YES i think you should be looking forward to the 8K on your setup :slight_smile: ED will look sweet on it.

glad you liked the youtube video mate… took me a while to do that one… and even longer to upload it (being 4k an all)


What can I say, she’s both a Beauty and a Beast. This is the first PC that I spared absolutely no expense and designed for maximum performance plying ED in VR and with as high a settings as I could. Since the Vega 56 went into the case mid-January I haven’t turned her off. I go from sleep to desktop in 3-5 seconds, and a complete reboot only takes 11 seconds. The twin hardwired gigabit Ethernet are connected directly to my router (Teamed for extra bandwidth) and I have 160Mb Cable internet for access to the world (I wanted to get Gigabit Internet but the wife vetoed that)… The big reason for going with a Vega 56 instead of the 65 was a matter of power management as the PSU in this chassis is only a 500 watt and cannot be swapped out as there is none available.

Yes, I am definitely choming at the bit for the Pimax to arrive, but I am consoling myself with being able to play ED @ 4K Ultra settings for now and knowing that this PC isn’t really even breaking a sweat doing it. All that will be left when the headset arrives will be to fiddle with the settings a bit to try and get SS dialed in correctly - I may be asking for your advice and input at that time.


Not a problem… Happy to help


Definirely a sweet machine. Both corsair & silverstone offer 600w ssf psu. I have corsair 450 & 600 as well as the silverstone 500w ssf-g.