“We will deliver in next two days”. Never got tracking number


Not sure what’s going on? Used that new support thing they set up. Got a direct response from @Matthew.Xu
Am I a victim of translation? Usually his English is decent.


Whats your backer number? Dealing with other Chinese companies in the passed, I noticed deliver normally means shipped.


Definitely looks like by deliver they mean ship


Translating deliver to Chinese (交付)
And then translating that back to English doesn’t lose the word. It’s still deliver.


I also looked at Chinese translation synonyms that might also translate to deliver, and they all were meaning the same. “Arrive”


literal translations do not always translate, I could see how a word similar to deliver could be used prior to shipping


Yeah that’s true


It’s not wrong to use deliver as to send


I guess I’ll wait just a little longer before seeing if I shouldn’t get my hopes up one way or another heh.


Could simply be that they have “delivered” to the shipping company.
It is now out of their hands…


Having a tracking number doesn’t mean too much anyways. I received my number about 2 weeks ago and like a day or two after my headset left customs in Chicago it was delivered without any notice that it was being sent to me. Nice surprise that day but it would have been nice to know it was coming since I had to sign for it.


You had to sign for it in us?


That’s correct and EMS’s tracking site didn’t even mention it. I’m just glad I work from home.


Yikes. High alert at all times now then :confused:


Okay support just got back to me. They didn’t tell me but it looks like Some others and I got bumped back to this shipment that’s about to go out.


Glad to hear that you got an answer! Maybe use some superglue to put some of that hair back? (assuming that you’ve been “tearing your hair out” in frustration, as I would be!) :face_with_head_bandage: :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s pretty annoying. Support throws me a bone but it’s the usual ambiguous “simply anomaly, sorry for delay, NOW your in next batch” spiel. I’m also not in a position where I can really go about my day as not knowing truly if it’s shipped and I merely don’t have tracking as some have had occur, if it’s even really been sent at all, manufactured? I just don’t know, aside from the facts I can put together from other us backers.

  1. Late delivery of tracking numbers.
  2. Support responses are kind of worthless and I kinda feel insulted.
  3. Unsure about 5k+ productions have been expedited as p8k backers are in the triple digits already.
  4. US backers seem to require signiture upon delivery.
  5. EMS reputation precedes them as comedically terrible.

I def feel like I’m abundantly seriously stressed out a bit.


That would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic! I feel your pain! Keeping my fingers crossed for you! And the rest who are still waiting: that Google doc is either not having people adding entries, or there’s a “bunch” of hmd’s sitting in shipping!

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