Weirdness in pimax 5k. Different backgrounds per eye?



Hi everyone, new pimax 5k+ owner here.

I’ve had a little bit of trouble and I’m hoping that this is easy to resolve. I’ve only played 2 games so far and they both have some weirdness to them.

Beat saber is the first and what I’ve noticed is that certain background/extra stuff doesn’t get displayed properly. One example of this is the fog, I’ve notice that theres fog that’s floating around the “stage” and while using the 5k+ this fog will only be visible in one eye. If i close one eye, the fog is there, close the other, it’s gone. With the vive, this issue is not present.

Vacation simulator is the other game and the issue is very similar to Beat saber. Almost all of the game works very well besides one major aspect, the background/backdrop. The backdrop consists of a sky, and the issue is the same as beat saber, the clouds display in VERY different locations in each eye and this causes a very eye straining ghosting effect.

Now, one might think this could be the IPD being off, but i must reiterate that 90% of these games function perfectly except for what seems to be just ancillary backdrop/baclground effects. Any ideas?


Chek Paraller projection in pitool.

Same problem is in dcs too, only way to fix it is use PP now.


Is anyone from pimax trying to resolve this issue? What causes that? The wider fov?


wider fov and canted panels. PP is solution but it needs tuning, eats bit too much performance


As @silveraxe81 said try Paralell Projections it’s a rendering fix for games thar require it