Well i think i found the first flightsim i want to buy haha


just saying… they tout it being EXCEPTIONAL in VR. If pimax could approach them… maybe get @SweViver some access to test it for 8k compatibility. :3 Their launch window may even line up with pimax’s could be some great cross promotion.


I will for sure gonna talk to Wagner about it, no worries :slight_smile: Really looking forward to that one!


It lacks alien ships from ID4… That was a goooood game, old pancake version though.


Would that be Wags of the ED Team?. If so, he did reach out to Pimax after Frisco in case you did not know that.


1C Company are bringing their WW1 franchise to the IL2 engine and will shortly have something out in an early access format, it will retain the old physics models but it will gain the VR capability of the IL2 engine…which is going to be AWESOME. Those old WW1 planes would be great in VR since they fly slow, the cockpits are open and the targeting / flying is super low tech so not too many buttons etc to fumble for blindly.


That would indeed be awesome. Can see myself setting up a big fan to blow on me hahaha


Yep. Literally dreamt of ROF in VR and now it starts later this month. The sense of flight was great with 3D shutters and will be a blast in VR. That they kept the flight models from ROF is awesome, They were so much fun.


Modern Air Combat (MAC) is going to be a neutred DCS with the same but simplest planes from biger brother and the same 2 maps : Nevada and Persian Gulf in compact versions . Imho existing DCS players should avoid this reheated chop which can be played via mouse and keybord. Who will pay double for the same ?