Welp my XR arrived


Just got my XR… man such mixed feelings…

On the one hand, great colors and FOV!

On the other hand, wait what is this distortion? Let me set my IPD… huh still there.

Oh sh** it’s these white wolverine claw lines in the lenses, oh and this milky film in the middle of the left lens.

Let me just wipe them off. And… the lens is perfectly smooth – they’re on the inside. Because of course.

Oh and the pixel snow thing is definitely visible in pure black cases, but not that noticeable otherwise

Sooo… let’s see how Pimax’s replacement process goes.

Anyways… the SDE wasn’t half bad. Overall the visual quality felt similar to the Oculus Quest (which I find quite palatable)

It was definitely more noticeable than the 5K+, particularly when looking at text or things with straight lines… but I don’t come to VR to read books

Overall pretty bummed I’ll have to go through this whole PITA process everyone talks about, but still happy that this device exists


I wonder what is the percentage of defective unit that the customer need to return as soon as they receive their brand new headset ? I would not be surprise if it was 25% of them. I worry now if I ever receive a decent headset that function properly, how long it will last. At close to a thousand dollars canadian for the headset alone without any accessories you dont want to have to buy one every year or two… By the way I presume that the warranty must be for 1 year I guess ?